Group of Bangladesh officials at roundtable

Advocacy and Partnerships

Bangladesh Drowning Prevention Partnership

The following are a list of documents that chronicle our liaison efforts with various bodies of the government and partner organizations:

Revised MoWCA Meeting Notice
Novermber 2018
One of the first invitations by the government to meet the Drowning Prevention Partnership. Ms. Roxana Quader, Additional Secretary (Water Supply), Local Government Division presided over the meeting.

MoWCA Meeting Minutes
December 2018
Meeting minutes published by the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs following a meeting with the NCDC, CIPRB and Synergos discussing the strategies of the Drowning Prevention Partnership.

DGHS Meeting Notice
December 2018
A meeting notice about participating in a workshop planning the creation of a TV spot for increasing awareness about the prevention of child drowning.

MoWCA Meeting Minutes
February 2019
Meeting minutes distributed by MOWCA following a meeting regarding the Research and Study into Swimming Lessons as a means of the prevention of drowning of children.

Childcare and Swimsafe Project in Shabuj Pata
June 2019
A notice enlisting the Integrated Community Based Child Care Center and Swim Safe Facilities for Protection of Children Project as an approved proposed project into the ADP Green Sheet for 2019 - 20

Invitation to Feasibility Study key findings sharing
June 2019
Bangladesh Shishu Academy invites various stakeholders to a consultation workshop for the sharing of findings from the Feasibility Study carried out by Synergos.

Round Table Report on Childs Rights Day
October 2019
A report on an inter-ministerial meeting held at Bangladesh Shishu Academy on early childhood development and care as a means of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

IEC Meeting Recommendation
August 2020
Letter from the Health Education Bureau regarding permission for distributing Posters and Broadcasting awareness videos on Television for raising awareness on the issue of the drowning of children in Bangladesh.

DPP Response Letter from MoWCA to Synergos
November 2020
The ministry’s detailed response and proposed revisions after receiving the Development Project Proforma (DPP) submitted by Synergos for Integrated Community Based Child Care Center and Swim Safe Facilities Project.

MoWCA Review Committee Meeting Minutes
February 2021
Meeting minutes shared by the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs after a review committee meeting on the proposed childcare center project.

Broadcasting TV Spots about Drowning Prevention
May 2021
The Health Education Bureaus letter urging to broadcast TV spots about awareness on drowning prevention through various electronic media under the Department of Health.

ERD Letter to MoWCA
May 2021
Letter sent from the ERD to MoWCA about drafting a MoU between the donors and the ministry for their cooperation in the Integrated Community Based Center for Children and Protection and Swim safe Facilities Project.

MoWCA Letter to Bloomberg
June 2021
A letter from MoWCA to Bloomberg Philanthropies about the need for a draft MoU between the ministry and Bloomberg Philanthropies as required by the ERD.

PEC-PC Meeting Notice
June 2021
The planning commission calling upon a meeting on the proposed Integrated Community Based Center for Child Care, Protection and Swim Safe Facilities Project.