Arab World Social Innovators Program
Innovators Profiles

Third Class - 2013-2015

  • photoAmal Dweib (Palestine) — Revolutionizing the nature of holistic care in Palestine
  • photoEhab Shanti (Jordan) — Connecting Arab artists to the international market
  • photoFatma Azmy (Egypt) — Teaching tolerance to children by making eco-friendly toys
  • photoHussam Bahou (Jordan) — Mobilizing communities through interactive theater
  • photoJoumana Al Jabri (Lebanon) — Using visual media to promote social justice
  • photoLoryne Atoui (Lebanon) — Supporting women as they battle and overcome cancer
  • photoMaged El Said (Egypt) — Pioneering sustainable farming and agritourism in the Sinai
  • photoRami Khader (Palestine) — Integrating Palestine's past into contemporary theater
  • photoSaeed Abu Al Hassan (Jordan) — Creating a volunteer network of impassioned youth in Irbid
  • photoSameh Seif Ghaly (Egypt) — Promoting health and hygiene with cleaner sewage systems
  • photoSherif Hosny (Egypt) — Overcoming economic and environment challenges through rooftop farming
  • photoZeina Daccache (Lebanon) — Improving lives and changing policies with drama therapy
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Second Class - 2011-2013

  • photoAbdelfattah Abusrour (Palestine) — Building peace within the Palestinian community
  • photoBader Zama’reh (Palestine) — Providing youth with educational, cultural and entertaining resources
  • photoMaher Abdel Malak (Egypt) — Advocating for legal, economic and social support for marginalized workers
  • photoMarwa El-Daly(Egypt) — Modernizing a traditional concept to better the community
  • photoMaysoun Odeh Gangat (Palestine) — Entertaining, informing and empowering Palestinian women
  • photoOla Abu Alghaib (Palestine) — Supporting women with disabilities through advocacy, support and education
  • photoRabeea Al Nasser (Jordan) — Introducing children to the importance of art and music
  • photoRamez Habash (Jordan) — Promoting cultural tourism and pride in local community
  • photoRawan Barakat (Jordan) — Producing audio books to develop listening skills in children
  • photoSany Kozman (Egypt) — Providing comprehensive services to HIV positive individuals
  • photoYorgui Teyrouz (Lebanon) — Providing a healthcare service for the country
  • photoZiad Abichaker (Lebanon) — On the path to a zero waste society

First Class - 2008-2010

  • photoAli Abu Awwad (Palestine) — Creating social change through non-violent practice
  • photoAref Husseini (Palestine) — Cultivating young scientific minds and critical thinkers
  • photoEslam el-Dawy (Egypt) — Reviving traditional Berber handicraft for income generation and cultural preservation
  • photoEzzat Naem (Egypt) — Building bridges to a brighter economic future for the garbage collectors’ community in Cairo
  • photoGamal M Kamal el-Din (Egypt) — Introducing innovative technology to increase production for sugar-cane farmers in Upper Egypt
  • photoJehad Hassan Shejaeya (Palestine) — Overcoming unequal access to education by supporting underprivileged university students
  • photoKamal Mouzawak (Lebanon) — Supporting the small farmer and preserving food traditions
  • photoMohammed KT Zaid al-Kilany (Palestine) — Overcoming exclusion and promoting employment using mobile-phone technology
  • photoNureddin Amro (Palestine) — Building an inclusive future for the visually handicapped through integrated education
  • photoPaul Abi Rached (Lebanon) — Singing to promote environmental conservation among Lebanon’s youth
  • photoRabee’ Zureikat (Jordan) — Using “exchange development” to narrow the socio-economic divide
  • photoRaghda el-Ebrashi (Egypt) — Empowering communities to find their own locally-rooted solutions to sustainable development
  • photoRami Mehdawi (Palestine) — Creating a virtual platform to promote social change
  • photoRamzi Odah (Palestine) — Creating youth parliaments to foster a future generation of leadership
  • photoRana Dajani (Jordan) — Creating a library in every neighborhood to foster a love of reading among Jordanian children
  • photoSaadia Zrira (Morocco) — Finding sustainable solutions to poverty and environmental degradation in rural Morocco through the cultivation of indigenous plants
  • photoSameh el-Halawany (Egypt) — Using art to transform and preserve culturally-unique neighborhoods
  • photoTamer Anis (Egypt) — Overcoming stereotypes and supporting the rights of the deaf and mute
  • photoWafa Zerrouki (Morocco) — Helping women break the cycle of poverty through traditional handicraft
  • photoYounes Naoumi (Morocco) — Transforming the “youth bulge” from apathy to activism
  • photoYousef al-Deek (Palestine) — Building social cohesion and reaffirming a cultural identity through cinema
  • photoZeinab al-Momany (Jordan) — Promoting rural development for women through agricultural cooperatives