Our Approach

Synergos creates, promotes, and sustains collaborations among business, government, civil society, and marginalized communities to fight poverty and its effects.

We create successful partnerships by building trust, designing and implementing change processes, enhancing the effectiveness of bridging leaders and institutions.

Our advantage is a four-pillared approach that results in solutions that stick:

  • Systems thinking - ability to look at complex problems from diverse, and often conflicting perspectives to understand how elements influence one another within a whole
  • Collaboration - recognizes the importance of collaborative process in social change and participation of the excluded stakeholders
  • Bridging leadership - creates and sustains collaboration of diverse stakeholders
  • Personal reflection - leads to increased awareness of self, others, and the system, as well as alignment of intentions and actions.

Elements of work applied at individual, community/inistitution, and partnerhip levels to improve lives
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