Our Programs

Synergos works through partnerships, networks and knowledge sharing. In over twenty years, we have worked in over 30 countries and regions, including Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, including the U.S-Mexico border, the Middle East, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Affordable, environmentally clean energy improves child development and health -- by enabling critical vaccines to be kept refrigerated -- in Mozambique. These efforts are supported by Synergos’ partner in that country, the Foundation for Community Development, and the US-based NGO VillageReach. (VillageReach photo)


Synergos’ Partnerships program is a global effort to create sustainable social progress by forging collaborations that transcend traditional social boundaries. The program brings together people and institutions in government, business, nonprofits and local communities most affected by poverty and social injustice.

As the convener of these partnerships, Synergos helps empower the various stakeholders to better address their issues, and works to identify overall strategies and specific projects that benefit poor and marginalized people in each region.


Synergos currently has two global networks -- the Senior Fellows and the Global Philanthropists Circle. These networks allow members to learn from each other’s work, make new connections, develop their skills and take their work to new levels. In addition, we support regional networks such as through our Middle East/North Africa Social Innovators Program.

Synergos’ Senior Fellows are an international network of distinguished civil society leaders committed addressing poverty and inequity. Launched in 1999, the current cadre of more than 90 Fellows come from more than 30 countries around the world. The network aims to enhance their skills, knowledge and experience through peer-to-peer learning, regional gatherings, learning journeys, workshops and contact with influential people and institutions.

The Senior Fellows program is administered in partnership with The Synergos Institute Cananda and is made possible in part thanks to support from Kim Samuel.

Founded in 2001 by Synergos Chair Peggy Dulany and her father, David Rockefeller, the Global Philanthropists Circle is a network of more than 250 individuals from more than 25 countries who are committed to using their time, influence and resources to address issues of poor and marginalized communities. The Circle provides opportunities for members to advance their own philanthropic projects by drawing on the advice, experience, relationships, and collaboration of other members. Synergos also provides services in strategic planning and other topics to specific members and their families.

In 2007 Synergos launched the Middle East/North Africa Social Innovators Program with funding from the US Agency for International Development and other donors. The three-year initiative seeks to identify and support twenty individuals from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Palestine who are implementing successful social projects and help them transform their projects into sustainable programs and organizations.

Family Economic Success workshop in Arizona (Bernadette Unis-Johnston/Narrative Images photo)

Knowledge Sharing

Synergos is dedicated to sharing what we’ve learned through our work. Our Knowledge Resources offers free materials, including practical tools, guidebooks, case studies and methodologies for those working on poverty and social justice. Soon, we will offer more interactive features for social networking, online communities, convenings and trainings.