Laying the groundwork for transforming agriculture

In Ethiopia, Synergos works with the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) to build capacity for systems-shifting collaborations and support ATA’s development as a high-performing organization. Agriculture is the foundation of Ethiopia’s economy, accounting for over 40% of GDP and engaging more than 80% of its labor force. By establishing the ATA, the Government of Ethiopia demonstrated a shrewd understanding of the systemic problems and the support needed by the Ministry of Agriculture to accelerate agricultural growth.

Synergos supports ATA on multi-stakeholder collaborations by helping design and implement processes that involve diverse stakeholders, build common vision and achieve collaborative actions to resolve bottlenecks in the agricultural system. This has included providing inputs and building broad-based support for ATA’s 5-year Cooperatives Sector Strategy, producing and disseminating a paper on cooperatives’ and unions’ utilization of the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange platform and creating learning experiences that deepen understanding of smallholder farmers’ challenges.

Synergos is also designing and executing a program to enhance human resource capacity within ATA and the Ministry of Agriculture, as a main focus of engagement with ATA.

Synergos’ support to ATA’s organizational development involves facilitating thought partnership for the ATA leadership, senior staff secondments and expert support on strategy, organizational structure, analytics and communications.

The Synergos Addis office is staffed by Ethiopian locals, with deep experience in agriculture and a trusted network of relationships across the country.