Kasee Ithana

Kasee Ithana

Country Director, Namibia

Kasee Ithana is a leadership and organization development facilitator who serves as Country Director, Namibia, helping lead our work in that country on health and nutrition.

Kasee has over 17 years of experience of working in the development sector. Prior to joining Synergos, she was involved in various projects in Ibis, a Danish non-governmental organization working in Namibia and South Africa focusing on leadership development and professional development in education transformation and the environmental education sector.

As a leadership development facilitator, Kasee’s current duties entail providing learning infrastructure and coaching support to the Namibian Ministry of Health & Social Services’ senior leadership and its executive committee in their quest to transform the healthcare system of the country.

As a Synergos Institute employee she also plays a major role in the ongoing process of articulating the Synergos institute’s practice and the testing and further development of the Bridging Leadership approach to leadership development. Kasee designs and facilitates regular workshops for the senior leadership of the Ministry of Health. She also uses the principles and practices of Theory U.

Kasee holds a Bachelor’s degree (Honors) and a Diploma in Education, further more she has a passion for leadership development and sustainability. She has completed various courses such as The Introduction to Theory U and Presencing, the Presencing Foundations Program, and an introductory course on Systems Thinking and Social Change. She is an associate of Community Development Resource Association (CDRA) Cape Town, South Africa.