Peggy Dulany in Forbes Insights: “Bring Your Heart as Well as Your Head”

A new report from Forbes Insights looks at philanthropists approach to global poverty, with contributions from a range of philanthropists, activists, business leaders and thinkers including Bill Drayton of Ashoka, Michael Porter of Harvard Business School, Jessica Chu of Credit Suisse, and Synergos Founder Peggy Dulany.

Peggy shared her approach to philanthropy and social change, saying “Being your most effective self is not just about giving money. You have to give your whole self: your skills, connections, influence and willingness to listen. You have to bring your heart as well as your head.”

The report also contains results of a survey of major philanthropists' views on how to address poverty. One of the key findings is a broad consensus that “A problem as huge as global poverty can only be alleviated by systemic change, as opposed to specific projects.”