Synergos' Bob Dunn on Systems-Changing Collaboration at

Rahim Kanani of’s Leadership blog interviewed Bob Dunn, President and CEO of Synergos, about how we inspire and support sustainable and systems-changing collaboration to address poverty, equity, and social justice around the world.

In talking about what we’ve learned in this work, Dunn states that:

In order to develop sustainable solutions to addressing poverty what we have probably learned that’s most important and what makes the greatest difference in determining how helpful someone can be in bringing about meaningful change is dependent on that person’s interior condition. When someone is present with others in an open and generous way, with a desire to be the “biggest”? and “best”? possible person he/she can be, it’s amazing what can happen. On the other hand when someone is motivated by fear or driven by ego, it’s almost impossible to establish the kind of trusting relationship that makes it possible for people who are different to come together in a creative, productive and sustainable way.

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