Message Following the Terrible Events of September 11, 2001

To Synergos' Community of Fellows, Partners, Colleagues and Friends:

Today, for the first time since last Tuesday's devastating events, all of the Synergos staff gathered together at our headquarters in New York City. Miraculously, all our staff and families are well, although there were some close calls for relatives and friends who worked in or near the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Several of us have friends who are still missing, and all of us are experiencing a deep sense of loss and grief along with the helplessness and powerlessness that come with it. We know that everyone has been touched by these terrible acts of violence in some way and we send our condolences to those who have been affected personally.

To our many friends and partners who sent us e-mail or called Synergos, we are buoyed by your concern and support. The deep bonds of trust and solidarity we have built over the years with people and institutions around the world mean more than we can express in this brief note. The fact that so many of you share our hopes for a better world -- and are working with us to achieve it -- gives us strength.

Synergos was born out of the conviction that dialogue is essential to build understanding and common ground among diverse sectors in our world. The massive outpouring of goodwill in so many forms -- philanthropy, volunteers and the support of so many people from around the world -- makes us feel ever more committed to our mission and the work we are doing together.

All of us at Synergos send our deepest thanks and wishes for peace and understanding during this painful and difficult time.


Peggy, Bruce and all of the staff of Synergos

September 17, 2001