Synergos Logos



The Synergos logo is a set of three circles over a square with the word “Synergos” next to it, not the square with the circles alone.

Do not create the logos yourself by drawing circles and squares (in Word or any other program) and adding text - the logos use a particular font (WTC Our Bodoni) that is not on most computers.

Which electronic format?
EMF files are best for use in MS Office programs such as Word and PowerPoint. EPS logos are for desktop publishing software such as InDesign, as well as MS Publisher. They can also be resized in software such as Illustrator. Among the EPS files, those with RGB in the name are for use where the publication will be viewed on screens. CMYK is for documents that will be printed. Black and white EPS files can be used for screen and print documents. PNG files are for use on web pages; they will also work in MS Office programs but may not appear as sharp as the EMF files.

Our logo may be used in alternate colors depending on the document:

When possible, our logo is placed toward the top left corner of the page, with the square “hanging” in the left margin and the left edge of the “S” in “Synergos” aligned with the left edge of main block of text on the page. When less space is available, align the left edge of the square with the left edge of the main block of text (this page is an example of that).

When the logo is placed on the bottom of a page, it can be aligned left, right or centered.

For more information or to obtain logos in another electronic format, size or color

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