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Learn with us. The Synergos Knowledge Resources collects learning from our work and work of our partners and network members, which we share in the hope of advancing understanding and practice of overcoming poverty and other complex social problems.

Featured Items

The Synergos Approach to Social Problems
Exploration of four elements we use to address complex problems - systems thinking, collaboration, bridging leadership, and personal reflection - with links to additional resources.

Video: The Synergos Approach to Action – Ethiopia
A look at how we are helping increase the food security and incomes of Ethiopia’s smallholder farmers and their families, bolstering the national economy.

On creating meaningful partnerships for effective change
Devex interview Synergos’ founder Peggy Dulany.

Video: Peggy Dulany’s TEDx talk on overcoming fear
Synergos’ founder talks about how overcoming fear and building trust can have tremendous benefits in addressing both personal and societal challenges.

Bridge-Building for Social Transformation
Writing in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, L. David Brown identifies five elements in starting and sustaining collaboration, drawing upon Synergos’ experience.

Video: Namibia: Improving Maternal and Child Health
See how Synergos is taking a whole-systems approach to improving delivery of health services in Namibia.

Video: Synergos Senior Fellows – Collective impact through collaboration
See how Synergos is helping civil society leaders from around the world increase their impact.

Building Social Connectedness
A brief guide for practitioners working with children and youth, particularly in Southern Africa. Produced in partnership with Kim Samuel and with support from the Samuel Family Foundation.

Ten Lessons on Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
How-to recommendations drawn from Synergos’ experience in building large-scale collaboration in Canada, Ethiopia, India, and Namibia.

Learning from a Partnership for Child Nutrition in India
Exploration of how government, business, and civil society worked together to improve child nutrition in Maharastra.

Foundation Building Sourcebook: A Practitioners Guide
Criação de Fundações: Um guia prático
Creando Una Fundación: Guía Práctica

Key Topics

Bridging Leadership

Collaboration & Partnership Building

Personal Reflection

Systems Thinking

Sustainable Business & Social Impact

Individual & Family Philanthropy

Community Philanthropy & Foundation Building

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Connectedness

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