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Latest Additions

Rising Schools: Mother-daughter team uses microenterprise approach to improve education in Ghana (07/2011)

Movement Building for Sustainability: The Role of Leadership (11/2010)

Bridging Leadership Intervention: Understanding and Co-creating the Emerging Leadership Paradigm at Synergos (05/2010)

Working Towards Female Empowerment in Maharashtra, India (02/2010)

Funding in the Field of Climate Change (10/2009)

Alianzas Intersectoriales: Empresas, Gobiernos y Sociedad Civil (10/2009)

University for a Night 2009 Plenary Discussion (09/2009)

Climate Change and Poverty: A Brief Guide (09/2009)

Microfinance and Peacebuilding: Exploring New Approaches in Colombia (07/2009)

Building Multi-Sectoral Partnerships To Address Complex Problems: Lessons from the Partnership for Child Nutrition and the Bhavishya Alliance, India (11/2008)

Leadership for Social Justice: A Dialogue (11/2008)

Saving a Global Treasure: Greg Carr's Work for Mozambique (10/2008)

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