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Feature December 2013
From a death, support for life: The Peter C. Alderman Foundation and mental health care in post-conflict countries
On September 11, 2001, Peter C. Alderman was killed in the terrorist attack on New York. His parents, Liz and Steve Alderman, responded to that act of violence by looking for ways to provide mental health care for survivors of unspeakable acts of violence. Today, the Peter C. Alderman Foundation is taking a public health approach to providing culturally appropriate care at relatively low cost and large scale helping to create healthy societies in places that have suffered from widespread conflict.
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Feature September 2013
Mireya and Oswaldo Cisneros: Using communications technology to build capacity for social action in Latin America
Global Giving Matters looks at the efforts of Mireya and Oswaldo Cisneros to use information and communications technology (ICT) to build capacity for social action in Latin America. The Cisneros’ nonprofit initiatives leverage their business holdings and experience in ICT to offer technology, training and advice to civil society organizations (CSOs) in Latin America. These efforts have engaged corporate partners, including competitors, in helping CSO improve their ability to collaborate.
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Feature Spring 2013
Measurement Drives Effective Interventions
In this issue, we look at the work of two members of the Global Philanthropists Circle, Mo Ibrahim and Andrew Forrest, who are each using measurement to help improve understanding and action on critical issues. In Ibrahim’s case it is through the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, which provides an annual assessment of government performance in every African country. Forrest has created the Global Slavery Index to help eliminate modern slavery. These initiatives are based on the premise that accurate measurement is critical to creating more effective interventions by philanthropists and other actors.
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Feature Winter 2012-2013
Philanthropy for Tourism and Development in Africa
Tourism can be a powerful force for development if organized in ways that engage and empower local people. In this issue we learn about ways in which philanthropists can promote tourism for development in Africa, with perspectives from the work of Eddie Bergman, Anders and Agneta Johansson, and Greg Carr. Working with local leaders, cooperating with government, and recognizing different strengths of for-profit and nonprofit approaches are themes running through these efforts.
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