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Feature September 2015
MCE Social Capital: Pooling risk and resources to support impact investment
Global Giving Matters looks at Gary Ford and MCE Social Capital, an organization that uses financing tools to generate economic opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people living in poverty throughout the world. MCE uses loan guarantees from wealthy individuals and foundations to unlock investments by financial institutions. As Ford puts it, “MCE provides a way for one to leverage one’s balance sheet to make a difference in the world, without writing an upfront check.”
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Feature September 2015
Turkey´s Koç Foundation provides global model for vocational education
Global Giving Matters looks at how the Koç Foundation is supporting vocational education in Turkey. Its approach goes beyond traditional philanthropy to include partnership with government, business (through the related Koç Group) and civil society. The involvement of business, including employees of Koç Group companies serving as mentors, has been vital to the success of the effort, which the United Nations Development Programme has held up as a model for other countries seeking to reduce unemployment and increase business competitiveness.
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Feature October 2014
Century-old global aid agency transforms to social enterprise
Earlier this year, the Dutch international aid agency Cordaid entered into a joint venture with a high-tech imaging company to introduce a product that is expected to help reduce infant mortality and maternal death, initially in Ghana and then in other African countries. The venture is a good example of the creative problem solving Cordaid employs to address seemingly intractable problems in some of the poorest, most fragile places in the world. It is one of more than 2,000 projects in 38 countries supported by the century-old organization founded as the Catholic Organization for Relief & Development Aid.
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