Maysoun Odeh Gangat

Arab World Social Innovator - Palestine

Entertaining, informing and empowering Palestinian women

Maysoun is enhancing connectivity and dialogue amongst women separated by walls and checkpoints about women’s rights with cultural sensitivity. The first women’s radio station in the Middle East, 96 NISAA FM is a mix of interactive talk shows, investigative reporting, entertainment and information. With social media enabling women to contribute to the content of the station, they are able to become “media producers” rather than just media consumers. Palestinian women now have a platform to expose their “voices” to the Region and beyond.

Along with content, 96 NISAA FM offers employment and professional training to women in Palestine. While many of the offerings are aimed for women, men are considered partners and are not excluded, but actively participate as guests on the programs as well as on talk-back platforms. Maysoun’s vision is to create and cater to a community of Palestinian women across generations, social statuses and geographic distances by reflecting their interests and concerns and by offering them a platform of cultural and social information and discussion, all to create positive change. She is passionately driven by her commitment to the economic development and the promotion of independent and pluralistic media in Palestine.

Maysoun interviewing Ambassador Melanne Verveer at 96 NISAA FM.

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