Marwan Awartani

Marwan Awartani

Synergos Senior Fellow & Secretary General, Universal Education Foundation

Marwan Awartani is Secretary-General of the Universal Education Foundation (UEF), an advocacy organization that promotes the holistic development of children as a responsibility of society as a whole.

Dr. Awartani was also a professor of mathematics at Birzeit University in West Bank, Palestine. He has made many innovative contributions in a number of fields, including mathematics, mathematics education, curriculum development, education reform, university-business links, science and technology planning, monitoring and evaluation. Dr. Awartani was the founding President of the Palestinian Society for Mathematical Sciences, the founding Chairman of the Palestinian Mathematical Olympiad, a founding member of the Palestine Academy for Science & Technology, and co-founder of the Network of Palestinian Scientists and Technologists Abroad. He has been Chief Advisor for Science and Technology in the Palestinian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Director of the National Science and Technology Policy Project, and Chairman of the National UNESCO Committee on Science.

Dr. Awartani chaired the national mathematics curriculum reform committee and was co-founder of Al-Mustaqbal (“The Future”?) School in Ramallah. He served as Chairman of the Academic Board and Managing Director of the Al-Mustaqbal Educational Corporation.

Dr. Awartani was also President of Alpha International for Research, Polling and Informatics, which focuses primarily on survey research, data management, monitoring, and evaluation by using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. Dr. Awartani has been a consultant in areas as diverse as intellectual property rights, incubators and science parks, evaluation, capacity-building, technology transfer, and secondary and higher education. He has consulted for several international organizations including the EU, USAID, UNDP, and UNESCO.

Dr. Awartani joined UEF in 2004. UEF is an advocacy foundation that works in “co-creative partnerships towards Education by All for the Well-Being of Children.”? Its activities are designed to inspire people from all sectors of society to take more holistic initiatives that cultivate the moral, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of the developing child, and to make children and young people’s learning environments more conducive to their well-being. UEF is headquartered in Ramallah, West Bank, with operational offices in Boston and Paris. It currently runs activities in Palestine, Jordan, and Wales.