Kim Samuel

Kim Samuel

Synergos Board Member

Kim Samuel has over two decades of leadership experience in business, philanthropy, development of multi-stakeholder partnerships and academic research.

A pioneer in the field of social isolation and connectedness, Ms. Samuel combines academic research, writing and lecturing with direct programmatic and partnership building experience supporting communities across the globe facing diverse challenges. Her work focusing on social isolation as a critical experiential and measurable component of multi-dimensional poverty underscores the importance of social connectedness to human dignity and human rights struggles globally.

Ms. Samuel is actively engaged in three joint programmatic and research efforts on children in Southern Africa in partnership with the Synergos Institute and Nelson Mandela Children’s Foundation in South Africa, and the Foundation for Community Development in Mozambique; Family Support and Unified Sports for people living with intellectual disabilities globally in partnership with Special Olympics International, and with Indigenous youth in Canada in partnership several First Nations communities and organizations.

Ms. Samuel is Professor of Practice at the Institute for Studies in International Development, McGill University. Ms. Samuel also serves as a Policy Advisor to the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative (OPHI) where she was a Visiting Scholar (2013 and 2014), Chair of the External Advisory Board of the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, Founding Member of the Global Philanthropists Circle; Director of the Synergos Institute and the Synergos Institute Canada, Quincy Jones Music Consortium, the Temenos Academy and the Prince’s School for Traditional Arts; Member of the Dean’s Council of Harvard Kennedy School, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Clinton Global Initiative, the TED conference, the Africa Advisory Committee of Human Rights Watch; the WEF’s Family Business Community; Advisory Board Member of Fair Trade USA, and TakingItGlobal Canada.

As President of The Samuel Family Foundation, Ms. Samuel has actively engaged in a number of collaborative partnerships directed toward global poverty eradication, global environmental sustainability and conservation, youth empowerment, Indigenous rights and human rights advocacy, preservation of traditional arts and wisdom, disability rights and family support. As a Director of The Samuel Group of Companies, founded in 1855, comprising a network of operations across North America engaged in the processing, manufacturing and distribution of steel and other metals, Ms. Samuel has advanced corporate leadership within Canada and internationally and in particular with regard to corporate social responsibility.