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Virtual Convenings

Join us in exploring our collective vulnerability and potential

How will we emerge from this crisis?

As our lives and systems suffer great disruption, most of us are coming to realize there will likely be no return to what was before. The world post-covid 19 will look different and the question becomes: what does “different” look like? Indeed, this moment calls for deep reflection at the individual, organizational, and systemic levels.

At Synergos we remain committed to the creating a world that is more equitable, just and regenerative. Now that we see that so much of what we thought immutable is actually quite fragile, what might we want to let go off? And what might we want to create?

We invite members of the Synergos community to investigate with us how do we build new forms of connection and solidarity.

We want to hold space for you and all of us to be present to one another, share ideas and inspiration, and promote new collective action.

At this time, our convenings will be virtual.  As the need for physical distancing decreases following the covid-19 crisis, continued online gatherings and learning from them will enrich our revived in-person programming.

Live participation in some of these sessions is by invitation only; contact your Synergos relationship manager or for more information.

Cultivate the mind

Explorations of the most pressing conversations of our time, with an orientation to lifelong learning and emerging solutions based on the principles of bridging leadership: systems thinking, inner work, and partnership.

Recent sessions

New Leadership for the New Normal
June 3 • With Dinky Soliman, Robin Alfred and Marlene Ogawa
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Emerging from Crisis through Inclusion
May 20 • With Deborah Frieze, Ingrid Srinath, Tulaine Montgomery and Marilia Bezerra
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New views on trust in philanthropy
May 13 • With English Sall, John Esterle, and Robert Thompson
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Funding from a place of trust - Report launch
May 6
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Upcoming sessions

Discovery and Healing: Post-COVID-19 Reflections from Italy
June 24 • With H.R.H. Princess Camila of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Daniel Kropf and Ambassador Giorgio Marrapodi
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Leading from a place of abundance

Climate Emergency

Cultivate the soul

“Hands-on” sessions offered in partnership with Synergos’ Spiritual Civilization community to practice inner work and increase consciousness of the ideals that drive us. The Spiritual Civilization Group is an affinity group of the Global Philanthropists Circle. To learn more, visit our learning and resources page.

Live participation in these sessions is limited to members of the Global Philanthropists Circle and select other intiatives.

Recent sessions

Moving Beyond Empathy to Compassion
May 27 • With Dr. Barry Kerzin
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Making Death an Ally for Living Our Fullest Life
May 7 • With Shahabuddin David Less
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Igniting Secular Spirituality
April 15 • With Marcelo Gleiser
Recording & participant responses

Presence in Chaos
April 1 • With Peggy Dulany and Marilia Bezerra
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Upcoming sessions

Energy Healing: The Next Health Frontier
June 17 • With Jeffrey Walker, Jason Yotopoulos, Dr. Lorenzo Cohen, Elliott Donnelley and Peggy Dulany
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Collective action

Conversations built around specific initiatives, aimed toward building action to create lasting change and sharing learning from these experiences.

Live participation in these sessions is by invitation only.

Recent sessions

Bridging Leadership Approach to Covid-19 in Nigeria
June 4
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Responding to COVID-19
April 29 • With Stanley Bergman, Dr. Lu Dezhi, and Peggy Dulany
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Upcoming sessions

Bridging Divides, Reaching Connection,
Mutual Support & Trust with Global Impact

June 10 • With Aviad Meitar, Dr. Ori Leshman, and Mark Gerzon
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Collective action - principles and practice

Mental health