Principles of Transformation workshop for leaders in the agriculture sector in Nigeria

Our Expertise

Synergos Consulting Services

We enable clients to generate social impact.

We draw on Synergos’ expertise in agriculture, nutrition, public health, employment, social entrepreneurship, and philanthropy while clustering our service offerings into five areas: Corporate Philanthropy, Inclusive Business, Partnerships, Employee Engagement and Mindful Business.

Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy around the world is on the rise. With almost $18 billion of corporate giving in the United States alone, companies are putting serious money into social, environmental and human causes. But are these resources being wisely deployed? Are companies getting the highest social return on their investments? Can corporate philanthropy serve the dual purpose of addressing real human needs while also advancing a company’s core business?

Synergos is a world leader in the area of private, community and corporate philanthropy and has been active as a philanthropic convener and advisor for over twenty years. Some of the many ways Synergos can support companies seeking to develop or improve their approach to philanthropy include the following:

  • Analyzing social issues, performing needs assessments, researching social, political, and economic contexts as input to corporate philanthropy strategies
  • Developing corporate foundation strategies and programs that resonate with the business and address social needs
  • Developing strategies for corporate foundations to match and leverage resources from other companies and donors
  • Mapping, analyzing, and vetting potential partners and grantees
  • Brokering and managing partnerships involving business, government, civil society, communities, and others
  • Field-level program management.

Inclusive Business

Inclusive business refers to the sustainable business solutions that go beyond philanthropy to expand access to goods, services, and livelihood opportunities for low-income communities in commercially viable ways. Inclusive business leads to the creation of employment opportunities for the marginalized and poor either directly or through companies’ value chains as suppliers, distributors, service providers and retailers. Companies can also develop ways to supply affordable products and services to meet basic needs such as water, sanitation, food, housing, and health care.

Synergos has experience in a number of areas, including:

  • Analyzing social issues, performing needs assessments, researching social, political, and economic contexts as input to the development of inclusive business
  • Designing and implementing inclusive strategies and business plans
  • Conducting research and systematizing inclusive business cases
  • Identifying and vetting partners for new inclusive business ventures
  • Bringing partners together, building trust and developing partnership models and experience
  • Implementing large-scale inclusive business programs financed by international organizations and/or investors
  • Designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation systems to measure the impact of inclusive businesses
  • Building the capacity and teams to manage and run inclusive businesses.


“Partnership” may be among the most over-used and least well-defined words in the English language. To get anything done these days, we are all supposed to be working in partnership. Of course bringing companies together to work with governments, other businesses, civil society organizations and others as a means of achieving scale and sustainability holds promise, but how can we ensure that partnerships can really perform?

Synergos is a recognized leader in the design, formation, and management of cross-sectoral partnerships and is capable of supporting clients in a number of key areas, including:

  • Analyzing social issues, performing needs assessments, researching social, political, economic contexts as input to the development of partnerships
  • Developing strategies for companies to determine when, how and under what conditions to partner
  • Innovative partnership design
  • Creating resourcing strategies for partnerships
  • Mapping, analyzing, and vetting potential partners
  • Brokering and mobilizing partnership and coalitions involving business, government, civil society, communities and/or others
  • Designing and facilitating meetings, events, and workshops to advance collaborative initiatives
  • On-the-ground management of partnerships.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organization’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organizational success, and are able at the same time to enhance their own sense of well-being. Engaged organizations have strong and authentic values, with clear evidence of trust and fairness based on mutual respect.

We believe that employee engagement begins with the personal engagement of the leaders. We offer products to help leaders, managers and supervisors manage their values, behaviors, and working style preferences.

Synergos has expertise in a number of areas, including:

  • Designing employee engagement strategies and employee volunteer programs
  • Building skills for collaboration and improving internal capacity to align business and employee goals
  • Assisting organizations in the implementation of employee engagement activities
  • Setting metrics and establishing a process to monitor and evaluate employee engagement strategies
  • Communicating and sharing results and impact of employee engagement activities with key audiences.

Mindful Business

Leading companies such as Google, Aetna, and Eileen Fisher, among many others, are embracing mindfulness as a vanguard business practice. Although definitions vary, the concept of mindfulness is about cultivating awareness, acceptance, and presence. As the velocity and complexity of business grows, companies are beginning to turn to mindful practice as a way of growing leaders and employees who are centered, reflective, and more able to act from higher purpose. Companies mainstreaming mindfulness are often glowing about the benefits to organizational culture and to the bottom line.

Synergos is a leading-edge organization in the area mindful practice and has been involved for more than ten years on a wide range of initiatives focused on personal reflection, personal development, and organizational transformation. Some of the main ways Synergos can be of service include the following:

  • 3-5 day purpose retreats for senior leadership teams to cultivate awareness, reflect on the future, and clarify purpose - the retreats take place in a nature-based setting and are led by a world-class team of facilitators and coaches
  • Individual coaching and support for senior business leaders
  • Design and facilitation of mindfulness-based meetings, workshops, conferences
  • Development of mindful business practices, courses, activities, and plans for companies to mainstream mindfulness.