Synergos Updates


Remembering David Rockefeller
Mr. Rockefeller was an inspiration and model for his ability to bring people together to solve complex problems, and is greatly missed (March 2017)

Programa experimental en México: Liderazgo Creador de Puentes
Plazo para inscripciones: 15 de abril (March 2017)

Video: Scaling for Greater Social Impact
Five insights from Leah Bradford Francis of Synergos Consulting Services (February 2017)

Synergos Consulting Services Update
See how our business-oriented consultancy integrates top-quality business analytics with leading-edge approaches to co-creative design (January 2017)

University for a Night is May 10
Please join us to share ideas and inspiration about interconnected challenges and interconnected approaches to creating a better world. We’ll hear from Mo Ibrahim, Hadeel Ibrahim, and Ma Jun (January 2017)


Global Symposium on Deepening Social Connectedness
See report on global gathering of over 100 thinkers, activists and community leaders from over 23 countries (December 2016)

Video: Visual facilitation training in Nigeria
Highlights of workshop to raise capacity for collaboration in Nigeria’ agriculture sector (November 2016)

Video: Strengthening social connectedness in South Africa
See how Synergos works with partners to overcome isolation among South African children (October 2016)

Harnessing the power of collective learning
New book features experience of Synergos and 10 other organizations in strengthening feedback and the voice of communities in sustainable development efforts (September 2016)

End Child Malnutrition in Ethiopia by 2030
Watch our proposal to the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change challege (September 2016)

Using collective learning to build trust and alignment
John Tomlinson on how Synergos uses collective learning processes to both uncover important information and build alignment among stakeholders in complex development initiatives (September 2016)

Seeing agriculture in Nigeria as a business
Victoria Fajemilehin on the need for and promise of a more business-oriented approach to agriculture in Nigeria (September 2016)

In Memoriam: Peter Hero, Synergos Senior Fellow
Peter Hero was instrumental in creating a culture of philanthropy in Silicon Valley (August 2016)

Video: Synergos Senior Fellows: Collective impact through collaboration
See how Synergos helps civil society leaders increase their impact through peer-to-peer learning, events around the world, and access to the greater Synergos network - See video (June 2016)

Reconnecting with Children: Lessons from Southern Africa
How Synergos, Kim Samuel, and other partners are increasing the social connectedness of children and youth - Read more (May 2016)

University for a Night 2016
We recognized Othman Benjelloun and Dr. Leïla Mezian Benjelloun of BMCE Bank Foundation and Kennedy Odede and Jessica Posner Odede of Shining Hope for Communities with the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Awards – Learn more (May 2016)

In Memoriam: Inviolatta Moyo, Synergos Senior Fellow
Inviolatta Moyo was a leader in a leader in sustainable community development in Zimbabawe and internationally - Learn more (March 2016)

Interview with Peggy Dulany
Devex talks with Synergos’ founder Peggy Dulany about why she created Synergos and the genesis of our partnership approach - Read more (March 2016)

In Memoriam: Pushkin Phartiyal, Synergos Senior Fellow
Dr. Pushkin Pushkin was a leader in promoting sustainable development of the mountains and people in the Himalayas - Learn more (January 2016)

In Memoriam: Nombulelo Mabombo, LINC Fellow
Ms. Mabombo was instrumental in setting up the Othandweni Gogos Programme which contributed extensively to the knowledge on which our Social Connectedness work in Southern Africa is built - Learn more (January 2016)

Video: The Synergos Approach in Action – Ethiopia
See how we are helping increase the food security and incomes of Ethiopia’s smallholder farmers - Watch video (January 2016)


The Synergos approach gets results
You can help us improve lives around the world - Learn more (December 2015)

Pooling risk and resources to support impact investment
Global Giving Matters looks at how MCE Social Capital is enabling philanthropists to leverage their wealth in supporting impact investment - Read article (December 2015)

In it for the long-haul
John Heller of Synergos Consulting Services looks at how corporate sustainability professionals can maintain themselves in a sustainable way - Learn more (November 2015)

Video: Namibia: Improving Maternal and Child Health
See how Synergos takes a whole-systems approach to saving the lives of women and children in Namibia - Watch video (October 2015)

LINC Fellow appointed to South Africa’s National Planning Commission
Christina Nomdo, executive director of RAPCAN, is long-time champion of children’s rights - Learn more (October 2015)

Don Mohanlal to be next President and CEO of Synergos
Globally respected nonprofit leader will join the organization as President and CEO on December 1 - Learn more (October 2015)

Koç Foundation provides global model for vocational education
Global Giving Matters looks at how a foundation in Turkey is creating partnerships for education and employment - Read article (October 2015)

Living Philanthropic Values: Maintaining a “Listening Ear”
In this session at the 2015 Global Philanthropy Forum, Peggy Dulany and other participants look at the transmission of philanthropic values within families, businesses, communities, and society as a whole - Watch video (September 2015)

Clase en Movimiento: Collaboration for Youth Education and Employment in Mexico
Synergos is part of this collaboration to change education in ways that improve the employment and life prospects of Mexican youth - See video (September 2015)

Synergos 2014 Annual Report
Learn about our efforts and accomplishments in promoting leadership and collaboration to improve lives around the world - Read report (PDF) (September 2015)

Inspiring Change and New Vision in South Africa’s Children’s Sector
A case study in CSI Perspectives 2015 looks at the approach and impact of our LINC network - Read more (August 2015)

Transforming agriculture in Ethiopia
See how the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency, a Synergos partner, is helping improve the lives of smallholder farmers - Watch videos (August 2015)

Conference Board Q&A with George Khalaf on social entrepreneurship in the Middle East
The director of our work in the region talks about how social entrepreneurs fill voids left by the public sector, and how to support them - Read more (August 2015)

New report: Connecting global philanthropists and community philanthropy organizations
Connecting the Missing Link looks at how individual philanthropists and community philanthropy organizations can collaborate to increase their impact - Get report (July 2015)

Wendy Appelbaum: A philanthropist as catalyst for justice in South Africa
Appelbaum, a member of the board of Synergos South Africa, helped bring about a legal victory for poor workers against predatory lending and debt collection practices in South Africa - Learn more (July 2015)

Peggy Dulany at TEDx Danubia: Building an infrastructure of trust
“To be our most impactful leader/self, we need to do inner work to address obstacles in our relationships, in our work, and in the world.” - Watch video (July 2015)

Scoop TV interview with Bob Dunn and Surita Sandosham
Synergos’ CEO and Vice President of Programs talk about their lives, career paths as changemakers, and the future of Africa with Salim Amin of Africa24 Media - Watch video (July 2015)

Videos: The Synergos Approach in Action in Middle East and North Africa
A look at how we support social entrepreneurs - individuals that combine innovation and business skills to address issues including employment, environment, arts and culture, health, and education - Watch videos (June 2015)

Video: In conversation with Eileen Fisher
The designer and founder of Eileen Fisher, Inc. talks with Synergos’ Peggy Dulany about the value of mindfulness and reflection on a personal level and with her company - Watch video (June 2015)

Instituto Synergos México celebrates first year
For more than 25 years, Synergos has worked with local partners to help overcome poverty in Mexico; in May of 2014, Instituto Synergos Mexico was legally incorporated with local nonprofit status - Learn more (June 2015)

University for a Night 2015 was May 6 in New York City
Featuring business and philanthropic leader Ratan N. Tata and singer, songwriter and activist Angélique Kidjo - Learn more (May 2015)

Synergos at Dasra Philanthropy Week in India
Synergos’ Surita Sandosham spoke at Dasra Philanthropy Week, India’s leading gathering on creating greater impact through philanthropy - Learn more (May 2015)

In Memoriam: Martha Farrell of PRIA
Global civil society leader Martha Farrell has died from a terrorist attack in Afghanistan - Learn more (May 2015)

Synergos seeks CEO
Earlier this year, Bob Dunn decided to make 2015 his last as Synergos’ chief executive. We are seeking a new president and CEO. - Learn more (May 2015)

Support Local Response to the Earthquake in Nepal
Nepalese organizations such as Women for Human Rights, led by a Synergos Senior Fellow, need your support in response to the disaster - Learn more (April 2015)

Social Entrepreneurship in Central Asia 2014 Report
A gathering of faculty, staff and administrators from universities in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan to advance social entrepreneurship in higher education - Learn more (January 2015)

Bridge-Building for Social Transformation
An article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review identifies five themes to starting and sustaining collaboration, drawing upon Synergos’ experience - Learn more (January 2015)

In Memoriam: Felicidad Imperial-Soledad
A Synergos Senior Fellow, Fely was a leader in development and philanthropy in the Philippines who generously shared her knowledge and expertise - Learn more (January 2015)


Video: Synergos’ Peggy Dulany and the Ford Foundation’s Darren Walker on philanthropy in India
Synergos was honored to particate in Dasra India’s 1st India Philanthropy Forum, which focused on empowering India’s 113 million adolescent girls - See video (December 2014)

Deepening Social Connectedness Symposium
Synergos/Synergos Canada was honored to work with the Samuel Family Foundation and other partners on the first global symposium on overcoming isolation and deepening social connectedness - Learn more (November 2014)

POSHAN Releases Paper on Bhavishya Alliance
Paper summarizes how the Alliance fostered cross-sector cooperation to overcome child undernutrition in India - Learn more (October 2014)

Century-old global aid agency transforms to social enterprise
Global Giving Matters looks at the innovative work of CORDAID - Read article (October 2014)

Supporting vulnerable and isolated children in Mozambique
New report looks at endogenous models used by communities - Learn more (September 2014)

Synergos 2013 Annual Report
Learn about our efforts and accomplishments in promoting leadership and collaboration to bring about systemic change. - Get report (PDF) (September 2014)

Overcoming Isolation and Deepening Social Connectedness
Synergos/Synergos Canada are honored to work with the Samuel Family Foundation and other partners on the first global symposium on overcoming isolation and deepening social connectedness - Learn more (September 2014)

Maharashtra’s child stunting declines: What is driving them?
A new report from IDS and UNICEF looks at the reasons for a remarkable drop in stunting in Maharashtra, India, where Synergos helped create a partnership for child nutrition - Learn more (August 2014)

Gaining Ground empowerment program reaches 30,000 adolescents in Mumbai
India Express EYE magazine recently wrote about how the program is providing sex education - Learn more (July 2014)

Video: How can media advance gender equality and women’s rights?
- BBC Impact interviews two members of our networks about women and media in the Middle East - See video (July 2014)

Become a Synergos Senior Fellow
The Senior Fellows make up an international network of civil society leaders committed to collaborative efforts that address the poverty and other complex development challenges - Learn more (July 2014)

Instituto Synergos México legally incorporated
The opening of Synergos México represents a key step in growing our capacity there to help solve complex problems of poverty and inequality through collaboration - Learn more (May 2014)

Video: University for a Night
Paul Polman of Unilever and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of Nigeria talk with Synergos’ Peggy Dulany about leadership, sustainability, and collaboration - See video (May 2014)

Travel, personal connections, and philanthropy
Global Giving Matters looks at how two families are using first-hand experiences gained through travel to inform their giving - See articles (April 2014)

Synergos Concederá o prêmio David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership ao governador do estado brasileiro do Pará, Simão Jatene
(April 2014)

OPHI Working Paper on Social Isolation
Kim Samuel and colleagues at the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative, partners in our work promoting social connectedness of children and youth in Mozambique and South Africa, have released a working paper emphasizing the relevance of isolation in understanding poverty - Learn more (February 2014)

University for a Night 2014 is April 8 in New York City
The event will feature Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, the Honorable Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Minister of Finance of Nigeria, and the Honorable Simão Jatene, Governor of the State of Pará, Brazil - Join us (January 2014)

Help South Sudanese Women and Youth Displaced by the Recent Violence
Karak Mayik Denyok Miakol, a Synergos Senior Fellow from South Sudan, has launched an effort to support refugees who have fled to Uganda - Learn more (January 2014)


Synergos 2013 program update
We’re fighting poverty in ways that respect and empower local people, release new ideas and energy, and create lasting solutions. And we need your help. - Learn more (December 2013)

From a death, support for life
Global Giving Matters looks how the Peter C. Alderman Foundation takes a public health approach to mental health care in post-conflict countries - Read article (December 2013)

Learning from Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela challenged people in South Africa and around the world to be our best selves. For Synergos, he inspired one of our key programs, which aims to create meaningful social connections among children in Southern Africa. - More (December 2013)

In memoriam: Noreen Clark, global health leader and Synergos supporter
Dr. Noreen Clark, a member of Synergos’ board and Director of the Center for Managing Chronic Disease at the University of Michigan passed away on November 23; she will be missed - More (November 2013)

What is the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency?
A new video gives an overview of the ATA, which we are helping as it strives to transform agriculture, the foundation of Ethiopia’s economy - Watch video (October 2013)

Third Class of Arab Social World Innovators
Twelve outstanding Social Innovators have joined the Synergos networks - Learn more (September 2013)

Peggy Dulany in Forbes Insights: “Bring Your Heart as Well as Your Head”
A new report from Forbes Insights looks at philanthropists’ approach to global poverty, with contributions from a range of philanthropists, activists, business leaders and thinkers including Bill Drayton of Ashoka, Michael Porter of Harvard Business School, Jessica Chu of Credit Suisse, and Synergos Founder Peggy Dulany — Learn more (September 2013)

Using communications technology to build capacity for social action in Latin America
Global Giving Matters looks at how Mireya and Oswaldo Cisneros are using information and communications technology to increase the capacity of civil society organizations to collaborate - Read article (September 2013)

Mónica Tapia joins Synergos as Director, Mexico
She will lead our efforts in Mexico to help solve complex problems of poverty through collaboration - Learn more (September 2013)

Report on cooperation between community philanthropic organizations and individual philanthropists
With support from the C.S. Mott Foundation, we convened a focus group of international philanthropists and leaders of community foundations to document from both groups the advantages and disadvantages of working together, perceived barriers, and potential ways to address the barriers - Learn more (August 2013)

PepsiCo supports social entrepreneurship in the Arab World
PepsiCo and Synergos enter partnership to provide practical assistance to Arab World Social Innovators - Learn more (July 2013)

Measurement Drives Effective Interventions
Global Giving Matters looks at ways in which philanthropists are supporting measurement around two critical issues - governance in Africa and human slavery - to support action - Read article (June 2013)

Become a Synergos Senior Fellow
The Senior Fellows make up an international network of civil society leaders committed to collaborative efforts that address the poverty and other complex development challenges — Learn more (June 2013)

University for a Night 2013
Thanks to participants and supporters of University for a Night, featuring Michael R. Bloomberg and Peter Buffett - Learn more (May 2013)

Supporting Social Entrepreneurship in Central Asia
We’re partnering with the Aga Khan Development Network on activities in Central Asia as part of the Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship - Learn more (May 2013)

Improving sanitation in Egypt
Sameh Seif Ghaly shares how his Together Association is helping rural communities in Upper Egypt improve sanitation - Learn more (April 2013)

New partnership for education launched in Brazil
Synergos is supporting an effort by the Amazonian State of Pará to improve primary and secondary education - Learn more (March 2013)

Seeking Arab World Social Innovators
We are accepting nominations and applications for the third class of our Arab World Social Innovators Program — Learn more (March 2013)

Philanthropy for tourism and development in Africa
Global Giving Matters looks at ways in which philanthropists can support tourism that empowers and engages local people - Read article (January 2013)

New Senior Fellows Announced for 2013
Synergos has selected 11 exceptional nonprofit leaders as new members of the Senior Fellows Network; one new Fellow is Teresa Corção of Brazil, who works with farmers and chefs to preserve heritage, agriculture, and food quality - Learn more (January 2013)


Graça Machel visits Namibia with focus on nutrition
Points to Namibia Alliance for Improved Nutrition Synergos co-founded as essential in these efforts -- Learn more (December 2012)

Joshua Mailman: A profile in impact investing
Global Giving Matters looks at Joshua Mailman, a leader in private investment in for-profit companies that have deep social and environmental missions connected to them -- Read article (November 2012)

Marwa El Daly Receives Inaugural African Philanthropy Award
Marwa, a Synergos Arab World Social Innovator, was recognized for her achievements creating the first community foundation in Egypt -- Learn more (November 2012)

Social Good Brazil Seminar to be live-streamed
Synergos to proud support the Social Good Brazil Seminar November 6-8, which will examine technology, social media and innovative thinking for social change. -- Learn more (October 2012)

Universities for a Night in Africa and Europe in October
Thanks to participants and supporters of University for a Night in Africa (honoring Dr. Mohammed “Mo” Ibrahim) and University for a Night in Europe (honoring His Highness the Aga Khan). -- Learn more (October 2012)

Partnership with Deutsche Bank’s Middle East Foundation
Will support our Arab World Social Innovators program, which is helping 14 social entrepreneurs from Egypt Jordan, Lebanon, the Palestinian Territories and the UAE. -- Learn more (October 2012)

University for a Night June Highlights
University for a Night 2012 brought together more than 300 participants from more than 20 countries to share ideas and inspiration about systemic solutions to poverty and other complex problems. -- Learn more (June 2012)

Peggy Dulany Announces the Synergos 25th Anniversary Campaign
Special $20 million campaign will celebrate Synergos’ 25 years of working together and our commitment to doing more -- Learn more (June 2012)

Learning from a Partnership for Child Nutrition in India
New paper collects key achievements and lessons learned from the Bhavishya Alliance -- Learn more (May 2012)

Become a Senior Fellow
The Senior Fellows make up an international network of distinguished civil society leaders committed to collaborative efforts that address the underlying causes of poverty and inequity — Learn more (April 2012)

Ethiopia Learning Journey
We’re helping Ethiopia’s Agricultural Transformation Agency staff better understand the lives of a small-scale farmers and their families — Read more (April 2012)

University for a Night June 5 in New York City
University for a Night will bring together over 300 global leaders for an evening of sharing ideas and experiences about working together to overcome poverty. The evening will feature President Bill Clinton, Founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States, who will receive David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award. -- Learn more (April 2012)

Chintan wins U.S. Secretary of State’s Innovation Award for the Empowerment of Women and Girls
This Indian organization is led by Synergos Senior Fellow Bharati Chaturvedi -- Learn more (February 2012)

New Senior Fellows Announced for 2012
Synergos has selected 10 exceptional nonprofit leaders - such as Meitamei Olol-Dapash, who is promoting the rights of Kenya’s Maasai community while conserving the environment - as new members of the Senior Fellows Network; they join 123 other leaders from more than 40 countries - Learn more (January 2012)


The Commons Newsletter Spring Issue
With updates from our global networks and video South Africa and Jordan — Read more (December 2011)

Philanthropy for peace
Global Giving Matters looks at the efforts of two philanthropists -- Tom Oliver and Steve Killelea -- to build momentum for peace -- Read article (November 2011)

Blueprint for Country-Driven Health Programs
An article in The Lancet identifies key factors in improving country-ownership of health programs, drawing upon experience including Synergos’ work in Namibia -- Learn more (October 2011)

LINC is finalist for McNulty Prize and the Investing in the Future and Drivers of Change Award
Both awards recognize LINC’s work helping children in South Africa -- Learn more (October 2011)

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Awarded Nobel Peace Prize
Congratulations to our former board member, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, who shares the prize with Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman -- Learn more (October 2011)

David Nabarro on nutrition and development in Namibia
Message from David Nabarro, the UN Special Representative on Food Security and Nutrition, on the connections between nutrition and child development in Namibia. -- Watch video (September 2011)

Bob Dunn on collaboration at’s Leadership blog interviewed Bob Dunn, Synergos’ CEO, about how we inspire and support sustainable and systems-changing collaboration -- Read more (September 2011)

Synergos 2010 Annual Report
Describing our work and accomplishments around the world -- Get report (August 2011)

University for a Night in Africa is October 12
(August 2011)

Video: LINC South Africa is finalist for McNulty Prize
LINC founder and Synergos Senior Fellow Ann Lamont recognized for inspiring young people -- See video (July 2011)

Using microenterprise to improve education in Ghana
Global Giving Matters looks at Irene and Liesel Pritzker’s IDP Rising Schools Program -- Read article (July 2011)

The Commons Newsletter Spring Issue
With updates from our global networks and video from Pakistan and Canada — Read more (May 2011)

Video: Ahp-cii-uk Improves Quality of Life in Communities in Canada
The Aboriginal Leadership Initiative, known locally as Ahp-Cii-Uk, has been named a regional finalist for Canada’s Premier’s Awards — Watch video (May 2011)

Video: Maryam’s Mission in Pakistan
Al Jazeera looks at the work of Synergos Senior Fellow Maryam Bibi supporting development for women, girls, and strong families in very difficult circumstances in Pakistan — Watch video (April 2011)

University for a Night Highlights
Synergos thanks all the event speakers, supporters and participants. A transcript of the plenary discussion, photos and video highlights are online — Learn more (April 2011)

Become a Senior Fellow
The Senior Fellows make up an international network of distinguished civil society leaders committed to collaborative efforts that address the underlying causes of poverty and inequity — Learn more (April 2011)

Inc. looks at social entrepreneurship; Microsoft supports Arab World Social Innovators
Spport for social entrepreneurship, including through our Social Innovators program, is building in the Middle East and North Africa — Read more (February 2011)

New Senior Fellows Announced for 2011
Synergos has selected 11 exceptional nonprofit leaders - such as Catalina Cock Duque, who works on peace education and services for children affected by conflict in Colombia - as new members of the Senior Fellows Network; they join 110 other leaders from almost 40 countries - Learn more (February 2011)


Help Synergos Fight Poverty: Donate
Your contribution can change the systems that keep people in poverty in places like India, the Middle East, and Southern Africa -- Learn more (December 2010)

Movement Building for Sustainability
In this presentation, Synergos’ Barry Smith explores the importance of social movements and bridging leadership in Africa — Read presentation (November 2010)

Video: Moving Quickly on Emergencies
An early outcome of our public health partnership in Namibia is reduction of ambulance response times in Windhoek — Watch video (November 2010)

Seeking Arab World Social Innovators
We are accepting nominations and applications for the second class of our Arab World Social Innovators Program — Learn more (October 2010)

The Commons Newsletter Fall Issue
With updates on work in places including the India, the Middle East and North Africa, Southern Africa and Mexico, plus events in New York City — Read more (October 2010)

University for a Night in Africa
Over 170 leaders from business, civil society and government came together to share ways to build a more equitable society in Africa -- Learn more (October 2010)

Senior Fellow’s Partnership Recognized at Clinton Global Initiative
M’hammed Abbad Andaloussi is working to improve education in Morocco — Learn more (September 2010)

Pakistan’s Unimaginable Devastation
Raza Jafar, a Pakistani member of the Global Philanthropists Circle, reports on the crisis in his country and ways you can help — Learn more (August 2010)

Help Response to the Flooding in Pakistan
Pakistani members of our networks suggest ways you can help — Learn more (August 2010)

Synergos 2009 Annual Report
Describing our work and accomplishments in a challenging year -- Get report (July 2010)

Saving Mothers’ Lives in Namibia
McKinsey & Company’s Thokozile Lewanika looks at efforts underway to improve maternal health care in Namibia — Watch video (June 2010)

Global Philanthropists Circle 2010 Annual Meeting
Video highlights and transcripts of the plenary sesssions from the meeting, which had an overall theme of “Making Investments for Social Impact” are online -- Learn more (June 2010)

Zainab SalbiUniversity for a Night 2010
Thanks to all participants and supporters at this special event — See photos, plenary transcript and video highlights (May 2010)

Souktel JobMatch in New York Times
Souktel is given among examples of how cell phones are being used to advance social, economic and political development around the world -- Learn more (April 2010)

Shiekh Tariq Bin Faisil Al Qassimi to Chair Arab World Social Innovators Program
Sheikh Al Qassimi brings experience and vision in Arab social innovation to Synergos -- Learn more (March 2010)

Namibian babyNamibian Health Authorities Tackle Maternal Mortality
A report from Namibia on the challenges and successes of the maternal health projects, part of the Synergos African Public Health Leadership & Systems Innovation Initiative. Read article (February 2010)

New Senior Fellows Announced for 2010
Synergos has selected 12 exceptional nonprofit leaders - such as Tomaida Banda of the Child Protection Society in Zimbabwe - as new members of the Senior Fellows Network; they join 100 other Senior Fellows from more than 30 countries - Learn more (February 2010)

Greg Carr’s Work in Mozambique Profiled in The New Yorker
Carr, a member of the Global Philanthropists Circle, is promoting conservation and sustainable development in Gorongosa National Park - Read more (January 2010)

Arab World Social Innovators Program News
Synergos’ Arab World Social Innovators program includes 22 exceptional Social Innovators who are each transforming a powerful idea into a growing social venture - Learn more (January 2010)

Video: Arab World Social Innovators in Action
Captures the work of four Synergos Arab World Social Innovators Program - Rana Dajani in Jordan and Ali Abu Awwad, Mohammed al-Kilany, and Nureddin Amro in Palestine - Watch video (January 2010)


Social Innovators in USAID Frontlines
The Synergos Arab World Social Innovators are featured in the US Agency for International Development’s Frontlines magazine – Learn more (December 2009)

Program Highlights 2009
Learn about Synergos’ impact supporting leaders and partnerships around the world to change the systems that keep people in poverty -- See highlights (November 2009)

Leading by Doing for Public Health in Namibia
Synergos is building a strong, united team of leaders to improve health service delivery -- Learn more (November 2009)

Global Philanthropists Circle Annual Meeting
Video highlights of the plenary sesssions from the meeting, which had an overall theme of “Leading Collaboration for Social Change” are online -- Watch videos (October 2009)

University for a Night Highlights
With full text of the plenary discussion, plus photos and video highlights — Learn more (October 2009)

Kamal Mouzawak Uses Cuisine to Bridge Divides in Lebanon
Agence France Presse writes about the work of Kamal Mouzawak to perpetuate Lebanon's rich culinary tradition through his Souk el Tayeb farmers market, which is helping several dozen small-scale farmers and producers — Read article(August 2009)

Scrap of Decency – Bharati Chaturvedi Op-Ed in New York Times
Synergos Senior Fellow Bharati Chaturvedi wrote an opinion piece about urban scrap collectors around the world and how governments and societies should integrate them into the formal economy — Read op-ed (August 2009)

Social Change: Who Will Make It Happen?
Synergos’ Peggy Dulany and Barry Smith explore the role of social entrepreneurs in fostering social change — Read article (August 2009)

In Memoriam: Corazon Aquino, Bridging Leader
We note with sorrow the passing of Corazon Aquino, a tireless advocate for democracy and broad-based development and 2005 recipient of the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award — Read more (August 2009)

Microfinance and Peace in Colombia
An international conference explored how microcredit can help bring lasting peace to people in conflicted and post-conflict environments — Learn more (July 2009)

Synergos 2008 Annual Report
We are distributing this overview of our work and achievements in 2008 exclusively online, rather than printing -- Get the report (June 2009)

Arab World Social Innovators on BBC Radio
Three Social Innovators -- Raghda el-Ebrashi of Egypt, Kamal Mouzawak Lebanon and Aref Husseini of Palestine -- comment on their work and the challenges they confront as local changemakers -- Learn more and listen online (June 2009)

Workshop on Corporate Philanthropy in Mexico
Synergos is co-organizing a learning event on Corporate Philanthropy in Mexico: Building Multi-sectoral Collaboration on June 30 in Mexico City -- Learn more (June 2009)

Arab World Social Innovator on CNN
The work of Yousef al-Deek, a Synergos Arab World Social Innovator, will be featured on CNN International the week of April 22-26 -- See schedule or watch online (April 2009)

Arab World Social Innovators at Skoll World Forum
Synergos presented at the “Innovators in Action” session, which featured three members of our new Arab World Social Innovators program -- Read article (March 2009)

In Memoriam: Lúcia Moreira Salles
Lúcia Moreira Salles, a member of Synergos' board and of the Global Philanthropists Circle, passed away on January 24; she will be missed -- More about Lúcia (February 2009)


Program Highlights
Some updates on Synergos programs to help overcome poverty and bridge divides around the world -- Learn more (December 2008)

University for a Night on
Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan describes meeting Fazle Hasan Abed of BRAC at University for a Night in her blog at -- Read post (September 2008)

Gazeta Mercantil (do Brasil) entrevista Robert Dunn, CEO do Synergos (April 2008)

Peggy Dulany interview in South Africa
Business Day talked with Synergos' founder about how each of us can help bridge the divides between rich and poor -- Read article (March 2008)

Support Relief and Recovery from the Floods in Mozambique
Southern Africa has experienced heavy rains that have displaced thousands of people; our partner in Mozambique, the Foundation for Community Development, is helping people hurt by this disaster -- Support the response (January 2008)


Giving As a Way to Build Bridges
In a San Diego Union-Tribune op-ed, Synergos' Peggy Dulany and Ann Tartre describe how philanthropy along the US-Mexico border builds connections among people and communities -- Read article (December 2007)

Ackerman Family Wins Inthayelo Award
The Ackermans of South Africa, a member family of the Global Philanthropists Circle, has won the 2007 Inyathelo Award for Family Philanthropy -- Read more (December 2007)

New Partnerships for Child Nutrition
John Heller examines the innovative process Synergos has used to create an inclusive partnership in India in Alliance magazine -- Read article (December 2007)

The Most Elite Club in the World
Businessweek magazine looks at Synergos’ Global Philanthropists Circle -- Read article (December 2007)

FT on Philanthropic Networking
The Financial Times looks at how networks of activists and donors, such as the Global Philanthropists Circle, are leveraging ideas and resources for social change -- Read article (November 2007)

Social Justice and Inclusive Partnerships
Synergos' Barry Smith examines the concept of social justice and how inclusive partnerships can help us achieve it -- Read paper (November 2007)

University for a Night 2007
Leaders from around the world came together on October 4 to share ideas about overcoming poverty and other critical global issues. We also honored Nelson Mandela and the Gates Family -- See highlights (October 2007)

Interview with Synergos' Founder Peggy Dulany
Dulany shares her thoughts on Synergos' 20 years of accomplishments, learning, and directions for the future (In Alliance -- Read more (October 2007)

US-Mexico Border Collaboration on Health
Border Philanthropy Partnership convenes foundation leaders and health experts to address complex health issues shared by border communities -- Learn more (October 2007)

Twentieth Anniversary Reflection
Synergos recently convened a group of partners and supporters to examine two decades of work together and explore a path for the future -- Read report (June 2007)

Partnership for Child Nutrition India Update
Synergos has supported this innovative partnership to halve the rate of child undernutrition in India by 2015 -- Get update (June 2007)

Canada's Journey in Social Justice Philanthropy
Notes from a presentation by representatives of Community Foundations of Canada -- Learn more (April 2007)

US-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership 8th Learning Community
The Border Partnership improves quality of life for low income families and communities by strengthening community foundations and promoting philanthropy in the region -- Learn more (April 2007)

New York Times on "New Philanthropists"
The Times examines growing interest in strategic planning for charitable gifts and the role of support services, such as the Global Philanthropists Circle, in helping philanthropists give effectively -- Read article -- registration required (March 2007)

Finding solutions to complex social problems in South Africa
Synergos' Barry Smith examines the persistence of development challenges in South Africa and the importance of social justice philanthropy in overcoming them -- Read article (March 2007)

Samuel Family Foundation supports partnerships
The Samuel Family Foundation is supporting efforts to dramatically reduce poverty and other social problems around the world by providing US$250,000 to Synergos Canada, a newly organized trust based in Toronto -- Learn more (March 2007)


Contribute Magazine Interviews Peggy Dulany
Contribute: The People and Ideas of Giving talked with Synergos' Chair Peggy Dulany about the Global Philanthropists Circle she created with her father David Rockefeller -- Read interview (November 2006)

Partnership for Child Nutrition in India
Synergos is working with Unilever, Unicef-India and a group of Indian organizations in a Partnership for Child Nutrition to dramatically reduce child malnutrition -- Learn more (November 2006)

Creating a Climate for Social Change in Brazil
A look at Synergos' work with innovative organizations and philanthropists in Brazil (November 2006)

Building a Culture of Giving and "Social Justice Philanthropy"
Synergos' Barry Smith looks at how businesses in South Africa can build upon that country's culture of giving in their social investment work (July 2006)

Partnership for Child Nutrition Launched in India
Synergos is working with Unilever, Unicef-India and a group of Indian organizations in a Partnership for Child Nutrition to dramatically reduce child malnutrition -- Learn more (April 2006)

Community Foundations: Silver Bullet or Just Part of the Answer?
Synergos' Shari Turitz and other leaders in the field of global philanthropy talk with Alliance magazine about community foundations (In Alliance, March 2006)

US-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership: A Dream Becomes a Reality
This partnership of funders is strengthening community philanthropy and improving quality of life along the border (March 2006)

The Economist on the "Business of Giving"
The magazine explores the increasing emphasis wealthy people around the world are placing on the effectiveness of their philanthropy, with some comments from Synergos Chair Peggy Dulany (In The Economist, February 2006)

Interview with Synergos' President Robert Dunn
Dunn shares his perspectives on Synergos' strategy of fostering collaboration to address the complex problem of poverty with Alliance Extra (In Alliance, February 2006)


Future of Philanthropy in Brazil: Creating a More Diverse Sector
As civil society's role in shaping change in Brazil expands, the philanthropic environment is changing as well (In Global Philanthropy & Foundation Building, December 2005)

Case Study in Strategic Private Philanthropy
Examines how membership by María Eugenia Garcés and her family in the Global Philanthropists Circle has enhanced their innovative efforts to promote restorative justice in Colombia (In Global Philanthropy & Foundation Building, July 2005)

Open Source Philanthropy
Synergos Board member Peter Karoff examines the open source movement in technology and the potential for what he calls "open source philanthropy" -- philanthropy characterized by openess, transparency and interdependence. (June 2005)

Veterans of Global Conflict Point to Peace in Colombia
An initiative for restorative justice in Colombia builds upon experience from South Africa and around the world (May 2005)

US-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership and the Digital Divide
Foundations in the Partnership are paying increasing attention to the impact of the digital divide on the work of NGOs and community groups support, and on their own relationships with those groups. (February 2005)


Alliance Magazine Focuses on Global Giving
The December, 2004 issue examines the state of global philanthropy and what needs to be done to keep the growing movement going. Synergos board member Adele Simmons is the guest editor. (December 2004)

Mexico's Vamos Foundation: Social Justice Through People-Centered Development
With the engagement of private businesses, the International Youth Foundation and Synergos, the Vamos Foundation is conducting a range of youth-focused projects across Mexico (December 2004)

New Learning and Training Initiative Enables Filipinos to Overcome Long-standing Societal Divides
With support from Mirant Philippines, the Asian Institute of Management has established the first-of-its-kind Center for Bridging Societal Divides to further refine the bridging methodology and develop a pool of bridging leaders in Asia and beyond. (December 2004)

Global Philanthropists Circle Member Promotes Justice in Colombia
With inspiration from South Africa, María Eugenia Garcés helps launch a program for restorative justice in Colombia. (December 2004)

2003 Annual Report Available
This report covers a selection of our work with a sample of our partners and other groups in places such as Colombia, Mexico, the Philippines and Zimbabwe. (December 2004)

Innovations in Strategic Philanthropy
Through our participation in the International Network on Strategic Philanthropy, Synergos is advancing understading of philanthropic innovations in different parts of the world, including Indonesia, Mexico and the Philippines. (In Global Philanthropy & Foundation Building, June 2004)

Financing Development in Southeast Asia
This research examines how foundations in Southeast Asia can increase their financial viability and in turn meet their critical missions to alleviate poverty and create social change. (March 2004)


Creando una Fundación: Guía Práctica para profesionales con base en experiencias de África, Asia y América Latina
Dividido en cinco secciones correspondientes a áreas claves en la creación y fortalecimiento de fundaciones. (In Global Philanthropy & Foundation Building, November 2003)

Abrinq: Dedicated to the Rights of Brazil's Children and Adolescents
The Abrinq Foundation, one of Synergos' partners in Brazil, is an innovator in mobilizing resources for social justice in that country (October 2003)

A New Type of Leadership in Ecuador
Synergos's partner in Ecuador, the Esquel Foundation, has launched a leadership training program to better enable Ecuadorian citizens to bridge divides to build a more equitable world. (July 2003)

Ecuadorian Consortium for Social Responsibility Convenes Nationwide Capacity-building Event
With support from Synergos and the Esquel Foundation, the Ecuadorian Consortium for Social Responsibility brought together Ecuadorian organizations for a workshop on financial sustainability and resource mobilization for civil society. (May 2003)

University for a Night 2002 Report
With recommendations from the 36 table discussions and remarks from the plenary session. (April 2003)

What is Philanthropy for Social Justice?
Should philanthropy for social justice focus only on the most marginalized? Does this raise questions of fairness? How do we weigh the value of advocacy versus service provision? Synergos is working with foundation leaders from around the world to advance understanding of philanthropy for social justice. (In Global Philanthropy & Foundation Building, April 2003)

US-Mexico Philanthropy Partnership Addresses Poverty Along Both Sides of the Border
A funder collaborative of nine regional, national and international funders has committed approximately $10 million to the US-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership that will strengthen 21 community foundations on both sides of the border to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged communities. (March 2003)

Global Senior Fellows Meeting to Bring Together Foundation Leaders
Synergos will convene its fourth annual Global Senior Fellows Meeting in Oaxaca, Mexico on May 18-20. The meeting will bring together thirty-five representatives from emerging foundations in sixteen countries and will focus on the theme of Exploring the Link Between Foundations and Social Justice. (February 2003)


The Rise and Rise of Community Foundations
An overview of the emergence and increasing impact of community foundations in Southeast Asia and along the US-Mexico border, written for Alliance magazine. (In Global Philanthropy -- December 2002)

Partnership and Bridging Leadership in Building Stronger Communities
Keynote address by David Winder, Synergos' Director of Global Philanthropy & Foundation Building, at the 2002 Kenan Institute Cornerstone Conference on Corporate Leadership in the Community. (In Global Philanthropy -- November 2002)

New Directories of Civil Society Resource Organizations in Southeast Asia
Synergos and its local partner institutions have produced detailed examinations of these important grantmaking organizations in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. (November 2002)


Paper on Trends in Private Philanthropy in the Southern Hemisphere
Presented by Peggy Dulany, Synergos' Chair, and David Winder, Director, Global Philanthropy & Foundation Building. (In Global Philanthropy -- October 2001)

New Study on ODA Funding in Southeast Asia
about Japan's GAGRP partnership with Philippine nonprofit organzations. (In Global Philanthropy -- October 2001)

Criação de Fundações Guia Prático
Dividido em cinco seções correspondentes a áreas-chave para a criação e o fortalecimento das fundações: Formação, Administração e desenvolvimento institucional, Prioridades programáticas, Mobilização de recursos, e Comunicação e abrangência. (In Global Philanthropy-- October 2001)

A Message from Synergos Following the Terrible Events of September 11
Dialogue is essential to build understanding and common ground among diverse sectors in our world. The massive outpouring of goodwill in so many forms -- philanthropy, volunteers and the support of so many people from around the world -- makes us ever more committed to our mission and the work we are doing together. (September 2001)

New Study on ODA Funding in Southeast Asia
about the Japan International Cooperation Agency's Community Empowerment Program in Indonesia. (In Global Philanthropy -- August 2001)

Earned Income Case Study
about how the Corona Foundation (Colombia) built an endowment to sustain its work. Estudio de caso en español (In Global Philanthropy -- August 2001)

New Study on ODA Funding in Southeast Asia
about the Local Development Institute/Foundation (Thailand). (In Global Philanthropy -- August 2001)

Earned Income Case Study
about strategies the Hogar de Cristo Foundation (Chile) uses to finance its work. Estudio de caso en español (In Global Philanthropy --June 2001)


New Presentation
On endowment building with case studies from Puerto Rico and the Philippines and an examination of foundation endowments in Indonesia. (In Global Philanthropy -- December 2000)

New Presentation
On financial sustainability for nonprofit organizations given by Senior Fellow Lygia Fontanella (in Spanish). (In Global Philanthropy -- December 2000)

University for a Night 2000 Report
With excerpts from plenary session and recommendations from the 30 table discussions. (In University for a Night -- November 2000)

New Report
on Endowment Building Workshop organized with the Southern African Grantmakers' Association in June for participants from Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. (In Global Philanthropy -- October 2000)

Just Released -- Foundation Building Sourcebook
With experience from 19 grantmaking foundations from around the world. (In Global Philanthropy -- September 2000)