University for a Night 2017 - Wednesday, May 10 in New York City

Table Discussion Topics

University for a Night dinner discussions bring participants together for an exchange of ideas on specific topics, providing opportunities for networking, brainstorming, and inspiration.

B01      Collaboration for public health
B02Collaboration for education
B03Changing the world by changing the lives of women and girls
B04Women’s health and social justice
B05Collaboration for agriculture and nutrition
B06Food, agriculture, and culture: Sustainable approaches for thriving, healthy communities
B07Information technology for financial inclusion
B08Human rights and inclusive, sustainable development
H01Stopping the cycle of fear: How can we maintain human progress in the face of fear and uncertainty?
H02Overcoming violence and sustaining peace
H03A systems approach to reducing corruption and improving governance
H04Unleashing the leadership capacity of young people
H05Personal reflection for social transformation
H06Building trust and collaboration: Leadership skills for social change
H07Using media to inspire action and inform social change
H08Family philanthropy: Challenges and successes
H09Trends and innovations reshaping philanthropy
H10How to do good: Stories of personal philanthropy
H11Science, faith, and philanthropy: Building connections that create social change
M01Systemic approaches to major global challenges
M02What actions can philanthropists and social investors take to address climate change?
M03How business can create positive social and environmental impact
M04Impact Investing: Investing for social and financial returns
M05Sustainable enterprises: How can we support and expand them?
P01Focus on Africa: Creating prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive societies
P02Focus on Latin America: Creating prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive societies
P03Focus on China: Creating prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive societies
P04Promoting education and employment in the Middle East and North Africa
P05Supporting entrepreneurship to overcome poverty
P06Responding to refugee crises

Sponsors (In formation)

Bloomberg Philanthropies Charles Butt Larry Lunt Antonio Madero The late David Rockefeller The Rockefeller Foundation Carlos and Gabriela Rodríguez-Pastor Ivan Tse Unilever Monica Winsor and Josh Mailman Anonymous

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