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WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF CONTRASTS with unprecedented prosperity and opportunity but with far too many of the world's citizens deeply affected by persistent poverty, conflict and unfulfilled human potential.

On November 6, 2003, over 400 people from around the world came together for an evening of strategic and substantive discussion about how to bridge social and economic divides.

University for a Night participants also honored a man whose life exemplifies such bridge building: David Rockefeller.

6:00pm     Plenary Dialogue with Key Leaders from around the World
Five speakers set the stage by challenging the 400 University for a Night participants -- philanthropists and leaders from business, government and civil society -- with brief remarks from their respective fields.
7:15pm  Cocktail Reception
8:00pm  Tribute to David Rockefeller
Celebration of a life of bridging divides.
8:15pm  Dinner and Table Discussions
University for a Night participants met over dinner for focused discussions on specific topics that build upon the opening plenary. These dinner discussions were led by our plenary speakers and 50 other Distinguished Faculty -- leaders from around the world with particular knowledge and experience to share.

University for a Night is hosted by the Government of Sweden. JPMorgan Chase is our Founding Sponsor. Marcos A. de Moraes is the Event Underwriter.