Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship

About the Program

The Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship ( is a three-year collaborative program aimed at creating and supporting a robust social entrepreneurship movement in selected developing countries. Formed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Synergos in collaboration with Ashoka and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, the Alliance will work with leading organizations active in social entrepreneurship globally and in select countries.

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The Alliance will promote private and public sector collaboration in order to create a stronger environment for social entrepreneurship. To this end, the Alliance will facilitate the creation of Country Social Entrepreneurship Networks in each of the selected countries. These networks will be national alliances of NGOs, educational institutions, businesses, foundations, and government agencies, which will work together to map the current social entrepreneurship landscape, identify key constraints to social entrepreneurship and take the lead on fostering a more supportive ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in their country.

The Alliance initially focussed on two Arab countries - Egypt and Lebanon - and now is also working in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in Central Asia.

Increasing Impact

With Synergos as the lead implementer, the Alliance aims to play a critical role in raising awareness about social entrepreneurship and promoting an environment that encourages social enterprises to have a greater impact. To this end, the Alliance will focus on creating an enabling environment for socially oriented enterprises to thrive, promoting the value and increasing the visibility of social entrepreneurship and mainstreaming social entrepreneurship as a critical element in US Government programming.

In its first year, Alliance activities will focus on conducting mapping exercises in selected countries, identifying and engaging with key stakeholders, ensuring alignment among founding members, and approving a detailed implementation plan. In years two and three, the Alliance will continue building collaborations in the sector and pilot projects to address barriers to promoting and scaling up social enterprises.

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