Pioneers of Egypt

Sherif Hosny, a Pioneer of Egypt, is overcoming economic and environmental challenges in Cairo through rooftop farming.

About the Program

The Mobaderoon Masr (Pioneers of Egypt) program represents an investment in a new generation of leaders who have a key role to play in building the future of their country. Launched by Synergos in June 2011 with funding from the US Agency for International Development, Pioneers of Egypt will contribute to economic prosperity by expanding employment opportunities – particularly for youth – and supporting a new cadre of civil society and business leaders in Egypt.

Pioneers of Egypt will be implemented in close partnership with leading Egyptian civil society institutions. Synergos will build on the successful youth development models developed by our Egyptian partners as well as its own signature leadership and social entrepreneurship initiatives, notably the Arab World Social Innovators program.

Artists in Egypt benefit from a community space created by Rana El Nemr.

Diverse Support for Social Entrepreneurs

  • Over the next two years, Pioneers of Egypt will directly support three distinct groups:
  • 50 Social Innovators leading promising social and economic change initiatives.
  • 200 start-up social entrepreneurs with promising ideas for business or social ventures.
  • 1,000 youth who will access internships and improve their employment potential.

The program will also conduct awareness-building initiatives and run social entrepreneurship competitions to increase the visibility of social entrepreneurship, particularly among youth.

While the Pioneers of Egypt program will reach 1,250 participants directly, the services offered will enable those participants to reach a larger number of clients, particularly with job and income generation opportunities, and will ultimately benefit entire communities. The program will have a larger multiplier effect through awareness-building activities, media exposure and the impact created by innovations that influence public policy and civil society on a national scale.

Program Impact

The Pioneers of Egypt supports entrepreneurship and employment in both the social and business sectors in order to stimulate the growth of jobs, innovation and a new economy in Egypt.

This program will leverage Synergos’ experience and proven approaches to supporting social entrepreneurs around the globe, and particularly in the Arab region and Egypt. The program’s objectives are to:

  • Strengthen community-led initiatives in Egypt that have demonstrated proof of concept in promoting economic and social development by supporting the entrepreneurs who lead these initiatives.
  • Enhance the skills and leadership potential of a cohort of start-up social entrepreneurs who are engaged in promising work, by providing them with training and networking opportunities.
  • Build the skills of Egyptian youth and enhance their employability through an internship program and on-the-job skills building, training, and increased awareness of social entrepreneurship as a viable career path.
  • Increase the awareness and visibility of social entrepreneurship and stimulate entrepreneurship, particularly among youth.

Benefits to Participants

Each Innovator will receive an integrated set of offerings including a financial award, mentorships, technical assistance and access to a national peer network as well as Synergos’ Arab World Social Innovators network, to stimulate exchanges and collaboration.

Start-up social entrepreneurs will have access to a more limited set of technical offerings focused on enhancing their leadership potential and helping them launch successful initiatives.

The internship program will match youth with volunteer opportunities that will enable them to acquire skills that are relevant to their professional interests.

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