Pioneers of Egypt

The Mobaderoon Masr (Pioneers of Egypt) program aims to contribute to economic prosperity by expanding employment opportunities - particularly for youth - and supporting a new cadre of civil society and business leaders in Egypt.

The program supports established social entrepreneurs, startup social entrepreneurs and youth volunteers through technical and financial support, mentorships and access to peer and regional networks.

The program leverages Synergos’ experience in the region and is implemented in close partnership with leading Egyptian civil society institutions with a goal of stimulating the growth of jobs, innovation, and a new economy in Egypt.

Program impact

The first phase of the Pioneers of Egypt program reached over 1,250 direct participants. The services offered enabled those participants to reach a larger number of clients, particularly with job and income generation opportunities, and have a positive effect on entire communities. The program had a larger impact through awareness building activities, media exposure and the impact created by innovations that influence public policy and civil society on a national scale.

At the end of the first class of fellows in 2014, the program directly supported over 1,250 individuals through three different groups:

In 2015, Synergos secured additional funding from Alwaeed Philanthropies to move forward with a second phase of the Pioneers program. By 2017, the program will directly support an additional 1,070 individuals. After six years, Synergos’ network in the country will directly impact:

About the program

The program’s objectives are to:

The second phase of the program will continue with this model, but incorporate members of the first class to continue to support the development and growth of members of this program.

Established social entrepreneurs received an integrated set of offerings including a financial award, mentorships, technical assistance and access to a national peer network as well as Synergos’ regional network, to stimulate exchanges and collaboration. Start-up social entrepreneurs had access to technical offerings focused on enhancing their leadership potential and helping them launch successful initiatives. The internship program trained youth in the importance of volunteering and matched them with volunteer opportunities that enabled them to acquire skills that are relevant to their professional interests.

The Pioneers program is made possible thanks to sponsorship from Alwaleed Philanthropies.

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Director, Egypt
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