Aboriginal Leadership Initiative

The Aboriginal Leadership Initiative improves the ability of Aboriginal communities, government agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations to collaborate on projects that improve the quality of life for indigenous peoples.

The Aboriginal Leadership Initiative brings together bold and visionary new partnerships between First Nations, business, government and philanthropic organizations. The purpose of the Initiative is to identify and implement new ways to improve quality of life among aboriginal people and to enhance the relationship between aboriginal and non-aboriginal societies.

The Initiative is focusing its work in Canada, where Aboriginal communities continue to be plagued by tremendous challenges such as high rates of unemployment and youth suicide, inadequate living conditions, and poor health -- despite overall affluence across the country. Existing bilateral approaches have not sufficiently achieved the desired results, and given the interconnected nature of issues facing Aboriginals, it is critical that interventions be holistic and systemic. One of the most promising ways to realize a better future for Canada's Aboriginal people is to reweave a social fabric that has become frayed.

The Initiative is beginning its work in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council and three of its communities have self-identified to participate in the Initiative.

The initiative is built on four pillars:

  • Capacity Building: Enhancing the ability of Aboriginal communities and others to initiate, manage and participate in constrictive dialogue.
  • Dialogue and Trust Building: Convening groups from Aboriginal communities, government ministries, businesses and civil society organizations to deepen understanding of one another, to bridge divides, and build new relationships.
  • Action Initiatives: Moving from dialogue to action, enabling cross-sector teams to design and implement on-the-ground pilot projects responding to priority community needs.
  • Evaluation & Replication: Assessing results, documenting learning and facilitating the replication of the initiative in other geographical areas.

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