Knowledge Resources: Social Entrepreneurship

Q&A with George Khalaf: In the Middle East, Social Entrepreneurs Fill Voids Left by Public Sector
By The Conference Board | 8/2015 | Overview | Full Text

Video: Women in Leadership: Synergos Social Entrepreneurs sector convening
By Synergos | 6/2015 | Watch video

Social Entrepreneurship Education Institute in Central Asia 2014 Report
By the Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship | 01/2015 | Overview | Full Text

Century-old global aid agency transforms to social enterprise
In Global Giving Matters | 10/2014 | Full Text

Video: How can media advance gender equality and women’s rights?
With Maysoon Odeh Gangat and Yann Borgstedt on BBC Impact | 7/2014 | See video

Helping rural communities in Egypt improve sanitation systems
By Synergos | 5/2013 | Full Text

Selecting the superlative: A guide to administering social entrepreneurship fellowship competitions
By Synergos | 4/2013 | Full Text

Selected readings in social entrepreneurship
By Synergos | 4/2013 Full Text

Imparting innovation: A guide to university social entrepreneurship education
By Synergos | 4/2013 Full Text

Social Entrepreneurship in Lebanon: Contexts and Considerations
By Tony Feghali, Emily Abuatieh, and Jessica Dandan | 1/2013 Full Text

Understanding the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Egypt
By Inji El Abd for the Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship | 4/2012 | Full Text

Mapping Social Entrepreneurship in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
By the Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship | 4/2011 Full Text

Video: Social Innovators in Action
By Barbara Cupisti | 1/2010 | See video

Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs -- Collaborating for Innovation
By Neil Carlson | 1/2008 | Abstract | Full Text