Knowledge Resources: Personal Reflection

Personal reflection leads to increased awareness of self, others, and the system, as well as alignment of intentions and actions. Personal reflection can help changemakers better understand themselves. It is a key element of the Synergos approach.

Video: Construyendo Liderazgos para Mayor Impacto Social
By Peggy Dulany | 3/2017 | Watch video

In it for the long-haul: How sustainability professionals can go the distance
By John Heller | 10/2015 Full Text

Video: Synergos Senior Fellow Kgotso Schoeman: Transforming Education in South Africa
With Kgotso Schoeman | 7/2015 | Watch video

Video: Creating an infrastructure of trust: Shifting ourselves and the world by overcoming fear
By Peggy Dulany | 5/2015 | Watch video

Video: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness (& World Peace)
By Chade-Meng Tan | 5/2015 | Watch video

Video: Conversation with Eileen Fisher
With Eileen Fisher and Peggy Dulany | 5/2015 | Watch video

The Synergos Approach to Social Problems
By Synergos | 12/2014 | Overview | Full Text

Bridging Leadership Reflection Practices
By Synergos | 8/2014 Full Text

You Have to Bring Your Heart as Well as Your Head
By Peggy Dulany in Forbes Insights | 9/2013 | Overview | Full Text

Approaching the Heart of the Matter: Personal Transformation and the Emergence of New Leadership
By Peggy Dulany | 5/2012 | Overview | Full Text

Isolation, Generosity, Giving, and Receiving
By Kim Samuel | 9/11 | Full Text

Bridging Leadership Intervention: Understanding and Co-creating the Emerging Leadership Paradigm at Synergos
By Manish Srivastava | 5/2010 | Abstract | Full Text

Interview with Peggy Dulany
By Alliance Magazine | 10/2007 | Abstract | Full Text

What's Missing? A Personal Reflection on Poverty Reduction Strategies After Twenty Years with Synergos
By Peggy Dulany | 4/2007 | Abstract | Full Text

Video: Bhavishya Alliance India - Getting Started
By Synergos 12/2006 Watch video

Turning Your Passion Into Practice
By Zainab Salbi, Blaise Judja-Sato and Peggy Dulany | 10/2006 | Abstract | Full Text