Knowledge Resources: Collaboration & Partnership Building

Collaboration to overcome poverty and other complex problems aims to create solutions by assembling partnerships that transcend traditional social boundaries and problem-solving methods. Collaboration is a key element of the Synergos approach.

Video: Construyendo Liderazgos para Mayor Impacto Social
By Peggy Dulany | 3/2017 | Watch video

Video: Visual facilitation training for the State Partnership for Agriculture in Nigeria
By Synergos | 10/2016 | Watch video

Video: LINC: A leadership network to improve life for children in South Africa
By Synergos | 10/2016 | Watch video

Using collective learning to build the trust and alignment needed to solve complex development problems
By John Tomlinson | 9/2016 | Abstract | Full Text

Changing the Paradigm for Agricultural Synergy and Productivity
By Victoria Fajemilehin | 4/2016 | Full Text

Video: Synergos Senior Fellows: Collective impact through collaboration
By Synergos | 3/2016 | Watch video

Interview with Peggy Dulany
By Malie Politzer, Devex | 3/2016 | Abstract | Full Text

Video: The Synergos Approach in Action – Ethiopia
By Synergos | 1/2016 | Watch video

LINC Fellowship 2015 Retreat - Report from the Spier Gathering
By Synergos | 8/2015 | Report

Inspiring Change and New Vision in South Africa’s Children’s Sector
By Renald Morris and Tanya Cruz Teller | 7/2015 | Overview | Full Text

Video: Namibia: Improving Maternal and Child Health
By Synergos | 6/2015 | Watch video

Connecting the Missing Link: Bringing Together Global Philanthropists and Global Community Philanthropy Organizations
By Ann Graham | 6/2015 | Overview | Report

Hallar el eslabón perdido: Enlazar a donantes individuales con organizaciones comunitarias filantrópicas globalmente
By Ann Graham | 6/2015 | Overview | Report

Conectando o Elo Perdido: Reunião das Organizações Filantrópicas Comunitárias Globais e Filantropos do mundo todo
By Ann Graham | 6/2015 | Overview | Report

Bridge-Building for Social Transformation
By L. David Brown in the Stanford Social Innovation Review | 12/2014 | Overview | Full Text

The Synergos Approach to Social Problems
By Synergos | 12/2014 | Overview | Full Text

The Bhavishya Alliance: A Multisectoral Initiative to Address Undernutrition in Maharashtra
By Surita Sandosham, Ishaprasad Bhagwat, and V. Ramani for POSHAN | 10/2014 | Overview | Full Text

Maharashtra’s child stunting declines: What is driving them?
By Lawrence Haddad, Nick Nisbett, Inka Barnett, Elsa Valli for IDS and UNICEF | 8/2014 | Overview | Full Text

Construyendo Acuerdos Inter-Sectoriales para mejorar la educación media y la empleabilidad de jóvenes en México: Visión Común
By Romina Mellado, Ana E. López Ricoy y Mónica Tapia-Álvarez | 5/2014 | Overview | Full Text

Common Vision: Building multi-sector agreements to improve high school education and employment opportunities for youth in Mexico
By Romina Mellado, Ana E. López Ricoy and Mónica Tapia-Álvarez | 5/2014 | Overview | Full Text (in Spanish)

Survey of civil society leaders on the role of corporations in delivering social impact
By Synergos Consulting Services | 7/2013 Full Text

Helping rural communities in Egypt improve sanitation systems
By Synergos | 5/2013 | Full Text

The Leadership and Innovation Network for Collaboration in the Children’s Sector (South Africa): A Case Study
By Vanessa Sayers, Reos Partners | 3/2013 | Full Text

Ten Lessons on Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
By Synergos | 10/2012 | Full Text

Learning from a Partnership for Child Nutrition in India
By Synergos and Bhavishya Alliance Overview 5/2012 | Full Text

Approaching the Heart of the Matter: Personal Transformation and the Emergence of New Leadership
By Peggy Dulany | 5/2012 | Overview | Full Text

Ethiopia Learning Journey
By Synergos | 4/2102 | Overview | Full Text

Blueprint for Country-Driven Health Programs
By Rosann Wismanemail, John Heller, and Peggy Clark in The Lancet 10/11 -- Overview | Full Text

Systems-Changing Collaboration
With Robert H. Dunn in | 9/2011 | Full Text

Video: Ahp-cii-uk Improves Quality of Life in Communities in Canada
By British Columbia Public Service | 5/2011 | Watch video

Video: Moving Quickly on Emergencies in Namibia
By Synergos 12/2010 Watch video

Bridging Leadership Intervention: Understanding and Co-creating the Emerging Leadership Paradigm at Synergos
By Manish Srivastava | 5/2010 | Abstract | Full Text

Working Towards Female Empowerment in Maharashtra, India
By Amber Baker, Mutsumi Nakagami, Tara Noronha, Katherine Potaski, and Emily Puckart | 2/2010 | Abstract | Full Text

Alianzas Intersectoriales: Empresas, Gobiernos y Sociedad Civil
By Daniel Domagala | 10/2009 | Abstract | Full Text

Building Multi-Sectoral Partnerships To Address Complex Problems: Lessons from the Partnership for Child Nutrition and the Bhavishya Alliance, India
By Surita Sandosham and David Winder | 11/2008 | Abstract | Full Text

Poverty Alleviation and Girls Empowerment
By The Synergos Institute | 9/2008 | Abstract | Full Text

Bridging Leadership & Inclusive Partnerships
By John Heller | 4/2008 | Abstract | Full Text

Interview with Peggy Dulany
By Alliance Magazine | 10/2007 | Abstract | Full Text

Maximizing Scope and Impact Through Partnership
By Peggy Dulany and William H. Gates Sr. | 10/2007 | Abstract | Full Text

Social Justice and Inclusive Partnerships: A Reflection
By Barry Smith | 9/2007 | Abstract | Full Text

Synergos at Twenty: A Reflection on Partnering to End Poverty
By The Synergos Institute | 6/2007 | Abstract | Full Text

What's Missing? A Personal Reflection on Poverty Reduction Strategies After Twenty Years with Synergos
By Peggy Dulany | 4/2007 | Abstract | Full Text

Bridging Leadership at Synergos: Experience and Learnings
By Ernesto D. Garilao with Michael Juan | 4/2007 | Abstract | Full Text

Understanding Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships: Examples from Latin America and Southern Africa
By David Winder | 4/2007 | Abstract | Full Text

Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships at Synergos: Experience and Learning in the First Decade
By L. David Brown | 4/2007 | Abstract | Full Text

Finding solutions to complex social problems in South Africa
By Barry Smith | 3/2007 | Abstract | Full Text

Video: Bhavishya Alliance India - Getting Started
By Synergos 12/2006 Watch video

University for a Night 2006 Plenary Discussion
By The Synergos Institute | 10/2006 | Abstract | Full Text

How Philanthropists Can Effect Change Through Public-Private Partnerships
By Jin Zidell, Dan Vermeer, Michael Madnick, Amir Dossal and Beth Cohen | 10/2006 | Abstract | Full Text

Interview with Robert H. Dunn
By Alliance Magazine | 2/2006 | Abstract | Full Text

Video: Eliminating Poverty: Attainable Goal or Unrealizable Dream?
With Peggy Dulany and H. Peter Karoff | 6/2005 | See Video

Connecting to Source
By Zaid Hassan | 6/2005 | Abstract | Full Text

U-Process: A Social Technology for Addressing Highly Complex Challenges
By Zaid Hassan and Adam Kahane | 5/2005 | Abstract | Full Text

Grounded View of Partnership-Building in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa and North America
By Stephen D. Pierce | 9/2004 | Abstract | Full Text

Making Partnership a Habit: Margie McHugh and the New York Immigration Coalition
By Jennifer Dodge, Sonia Ospina and Roy Sparrow | 8/2004 | Abstract | Full Text

Bridging Leadership Seminar: Teaching the Art of Collaboration
By The Synergos Institute | 4/2004 | Abstract | Full Text

Partnership Facilitation Across Boundaries: An Expanded Role for the United Nations
By Peggy Dulany and S. Bruce Schearer | 2/2004 | Abstract | Full Text

CSOs and Partnership for Service Delivery: An International Perspective
By Barry Smith | 9/2003 | Abstract | Full Text

Unfinished Business: ODA-Civil Society Partnerships in Thailand
By Gary Suwannarat | 8/2003 | Abstract | Full Text

Brave Enough to Build Bridges Through Dialogue: The Case of Chief Zibuse Mlaba
By Bheka Ntshangase | 8/2003 | Abstract | Full Text

Bridging Tradition and Tragedy to Overcome HIV/AIDS in Kwazulu/Natal: The Case of Chief Khanyile
By Bheka Ntshangane | 8/2003 | Abstract | Full Text

Leading the Way from Poverty to Prosperity in Lesotho: The Case of Kali Charles Thaanye
By Anthony Setsabi | 8/2003 | Abstract | Full Text

Roles of Partnership and Bridging Leadership in Building Stronger Communities
By David Winder | 11/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

The Roles of Partnership and Bridging Leadership in Building Stronger Communitites
By David Winder | 11/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

University for a Night 2002 Report
By The Synergos Institute | 10/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

Bridging Multiple Interests to Meet Local Needs in Rural Thailand: The case of Professor Saneh Chimarik
By Brenda Furuganan | 8/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

Bridging Local Needs with National Realities through Participation: The case of Khun Paiboon Wattanasiritham
By Brenda Furugganan | 8/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

By Victor Bagasao | 8/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

Fr. Eliseo “Jun” Mercado, Jr., OMI
By Mr. Joey Silva | 8/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

Ambassador Howard Dee: Building Bridges for the Lumads
By Ernesto D. Garilao | 8/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

From Local Needs to National Movement: The case of Tessie Fernandez
By Gil Tuparan | 8/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

Exceptional Organization and an Unusual Leader in Mexico: The Case of FECHAC and Samuel Kalisch
By Mariana Rangel Padilla | 8/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

Building Bridges in Rural Mexico: How NGOs can strengthen Local Government through Collaborative Leadership
By Elda Lizzia Cantú Castillo | 8/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

Institution and a Leader
By Nila Velásquez | 8/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

Bridging Differences and Building Collaboration: The Critical Role of Leadership
By Steven D. Pierce | 6/2002 | Abstract | Full Text

Optimizing Japanese ODA - The GAGRP Partnership with Philippine CSROs
By Dr. Angelita Gregorio-Medel | 10/2001 | Abstract | Full Text

Criando uma Ponte Financeira Para o Setor Privado
By A. Scott DuPree e David Winder com Cristina Parnetti, Chandni Prasad e Shari Turitz | 12/2000 | Abstract | Full Text

Creating a Financial Bridge to the Private Sector
By A. Scott DuPree and David Winder with Cristina Parnetti, Chandni Prasad and Shari Turitz | 8/2000 | Abstract | Full Text

Aligning Grantmaking with Partnership
By S. Bruce Schearer | 12/1998 | Abstract | Full Text

Toward a New Paradigm for Civil Society Leadership: The Art of Bridging Gaps
By Peggy Dulany | 11/1997 | Abstract | Full Text

How Governments and Multi-Lateral Donors Can Form Large-Scale Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations in Latin America
By The Synergos Institute | 9/1996 | Abstract | Full Text

Importance of Participatory Approaches for Dry Land Management and Anti-desertification Programs
By A. James Annorbah-Sarpei, Norbert Dube, Edward Rugumayo, S. Bruce Schearer and John Tomlinson | 11/1993 | Abstract | Full Text

Multiparty Cooperation for Development in Asia
By L. David Brown and Rajesh Tandon | 3/1992 | Abstract | Full Text