Foundation Building Sourcebook: A Practitioners Guide Based upon Experience from Africa, Asia and Latin America
By A. Scott DuPree and David Winder with Cristina Parnetti, Chandni Prasad and Shari Turitz | August 2000 | View Full Text


What are strategies for raising an endowment? How can the creation of a board strengthen a foundation? What are effective grantmaking programs?

The Foundation Building Sourcebook presents diverse approaches to these and other questions that grantmaking foundations around the world face. Containing first-hand material from nineteen grantmaking foundations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as careful analysis, the Sourcebook is a powerful tool for anyone interested in strengthening foundations. It provides information on how to:
Get started
Raise financing, including endowments
Recruit and develop a governing board
Create a skilled professional staff
Develop effective grantmaking programs
Communicate what you do.

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