December 2006–January 2007
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Change in the wind at Alliance
The December 2006 issue of Alliance magazine ( marks the final edition published by Allavida, an international development organization. Beginning in March 2007, Alliance will be published by Alliance Publishing Trust (APT), a UK charitable company. According to Alliance editor Caroline Hartnell, after five years of growth within Allavida, full independence was a "logical next step." Alliance will receive support from two other organizations: the Network of European Foundations will put up a guarantee fund in the event of budgetary shortfalls, and the European Foundation Centre (EFC) will assist with wider opportunities for distribution of the editorial content. APT's first Trustees are the Van Leer Group Foundation's Rien van Gendt, Gerry Salole of the EFC and UK philanthropy consultant David Carrington. Forthcoming in the March 2007 issue of Alliance is a special feature on "philanthrocapitalism -- myth or reality." It explores whether donors in countries around the world match stereotypes about what new donors are like. Olga Alexeeva of Charities Aid Foundation Global Trustees, and Matthew Bishop of the Economist are guest editors of this issue.

What's in a name: Philanthropy 2173
Lucy Bernholz, a consultant to foundations, writes Philanthropy 2173 (online at, a blog cited in Fast Company magazine's December 2006 "Best Blog" column. The name of the blog was inspired by Woody Allen's movie, Sleeper, which takes place in the year 2173. "Among other things, Sleeper helps us realize that so much of what we think is true may not be," Bernholz explains on the site. "Talking about the future -- and making philanthropic investments -- requires that we keep a sense of modesty and humor about what we are doing. Philanthropy is for the long-term -- for the year 2173."

New resource launched for UK givers
Philanthropy UK has launched The Philanthropy Directory, a comprehensive guide to the wide range of charitable services and products for givers in the United Kingdom. The new directory, which is available online at, complements the organization's popular handbook, A Guide to Giving, by connecting donors to the variety of resources now available in the philanthropic sector. Susan Mackenzie, Director of Philanthropy UK is seeking feedback and the submission of additional resources to the directory that would be helpful for UK donors; she can be reached at

"Philanthropreneurs" changing the debate about giving
A special section on giving in the New York Times in November focuses in on the "philanthropreneurs," a new breed of billionaires out to harness the marketplace as a force for doing good in the underdeveloped world. The Times profiles four individuals who are blurring the line between business and philanthropy: Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay; Steve Case, co founder of AOL, Virgin Group's Richard Branson and Jeff Skoll, former president of eBay. The special giving section also includes an article on the efforts of the Acumen Fund to tackle global poverty from a social venture fund approach. Another story outlines the way one savvy UK investor is using a portion of the fees generated by an extremely successful hedge fund, the Children's Investment Fund, to finance a range of international health and development causes through its philanthropic foundation. New York Times Special Section on Giving, November 13, 2006.