Alumni Senior Fellows

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headshotAgustina Cavanagh
Executive Director of Fundación Cimientos, an Argentinean nonprofit organization that works to improve access, permanence, and quality in the formal educational system of children and youth from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.
Class of 2010

Alberto Croce
Executive Director of Fundación SES (Sustainability, Education, Solidarity), promotes and develops different strategies that strive for the inclusion of Argentinian teenagers who have fewer opportunities.
Class of 2004

Mariana Lomé
Coordinator of the postgraduate program on nonprofit organizations at San Andrés University in Buenos Aires.
Class of 2008


Darren Godwell
CEO of Australia’s largest indigenous initiative in education.
Class of 2003


Mashuda Khatun Shefali
Founder and Executive Director of Nari Uddug Kendra (NUK), which translates to Center for Women's Initiatives. Since 1991, this organization has promoted gender equality, human rights and personal and political empowerment of women and girls in Bangladesh.
Class of 2011


headshotLuiz Alfaya
An executive who specializes in third sector institutions, Luiz is the former CEO of Instituto Rukha, which works to end child labor and violence through programs for children, their families and communities.
Class of 2010

Beatriz Azeredo
Founding Director of Instituto Desiderata in Rio de Janeiro, which played an important role in the development and regulation of Brazil's constitution.
Class of 2006

Rosangela Berman-Bieler
Founder of the Inter-American Institute on Disability and Inclusive Development.
Class of 2008

Lucia Dellagnelo Gomes Vieria
Founded Instituto Comunitario Grande Florianopolis with the mission to mobilize, articulate and improve social investments made by different sectors in the Florianopolis region of Brazil.
Class of 2004

Amalia Fischer Pfaeffle Founded the Angela Borba Fund for Women to raise awareness of the need to support women's causes.
Class of 2005

Lygia Fontanella
A private consultant, previously worked with CARE and the Abrinq Foundation for Children's Rights in Brazil.
Class of 2000

Celso Grecco
President of Atitude Marketing Social, one of the first social-marketing agencies in Brazil, and the creator of the Social Stock Exchange within BOVESPA, the largest stock exchange in Latin America.
Class of 2008

Marcos Kisil
President of the Institute for the Development of Social Investment, which aims to promote private social investment as a means of developing a more just and sustainable society in Brazil.
Class of 2000

Antonio Martinelli
A private consultant promoting corporate social responsibility in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

Class of 2000

Maria (Malu) Nunes
Executive Director of Fundação O Boticário de Proteção à Natureza, an internationally-recognized Brazilian nature conservation institution.
Class of 2004

Rebecca Raposo
The founder of Ousare and Ceos, two organizations that promote and develop philanthropy and the social sector in Brazil.
Class of 2000

Fernando Rossetti Ferreira
Executive Director of the Group of Institutes, Foundations & Enterprises (GIFE) in Brazil, an association of more than eighty private social investors.
Class of 2006

headerFernanda Bornhausen Sá
Founder and President of Instituto Voluntarios em Ação (IVA), a volunteer center based in Brazil, which aims to mobilize, engage, and train volunteers and NGOs.
Class of 2010

Andrés Thompson
An independent consultant with extensive experience in Latin America.
Class of 2009

Ana Maria Wilheim
An independent consultant in Brazil promoting human rights and social development who formerly led the Abrinq Foundation for Children's Rights.
Class of 2003


Monica Patten
President and CEO of Community Foundations of Canada, a network of over 155 community foundations.
Class of 2001


Lake Sagaris
Co-founder and President of Living City (Ciudad Viva), a community organization and center for citizen-led urban planning based in Santiago.
Class of 2008


Lily Liu
Founding Country Director of Marie Stopes International China (MSIC), which provides reproductive-health education and HIV prevention and care in nine provinces of China.
Class of 2009

headshotWangsheng Li
President of ZeShan Foundation, which is committed to improving the lives of the less privileged in the world through the spirit of philanthropy.
Class of 2010


Guillermo Carvajalino
Executive Director of the Foundation of Businesspeople for Education, focusing on the corporate sector's role in improving educational systems.
Class of 2000

headshotCatalina Cock Duque
Executive Director of Mi Sangre Foundation, created by the social leader and artist Juanes to contribute to peace building in Colombia. Mi Sangre provides psychosocial assistance to children and youth affected by landmines and promotes education for peace so they can become active agents of change.
Class of 2011

Oscar Rojas
Class of 2000
Executive Director of Fundación AlvarAlice and was recognized with the Colombian Education Department’s top award for his contributions to the country’s higher-education sector.
Class of 2000

Costa Rica

Bernardo Toro
An analyst on the Advisory Board of the Avina Foundation, works to further sustainable development through alliances between businesses and philanthropic organizations across Latin America.
Class of 2002

Czech Republic

Jiří Bárta
Executive Director of the VIA Foundation in Prague, helping to strengthen democracy by empowering communities and individuals in the Czech Republic.
Class of 2006


Boris Cornejo
Vice President of the Esquel Foundation, an institution that has impacted the lives of over 700,000 Ecuadorian children, youth, women, and indigenous people.
Class of 2000


headshotHisham El Rouby
Founder and CEO of Youth and Development Consultancy Institute (YDCI), working to help young Egyptians develop technical and leadership skills and become effective contributors to society by providing them with volunteer and job opportunities.
Class of 2010


headshotTesfay Alemseged
Founder and Secretariat of Beles-based Production and Processing Initiative (BPPI), a multi-partner regional program working to utilize beles (opuntia ficus indica - the barbary fig or prickly pear) as an entry point for ecological restoration and construction of sustainable livelihood in semi-arid hillsides of Ethiopia.
Class of 2011

headshotAbera Tola Gada
Synergos Regional Director and former Regional Director of Oxfam America’s Horn of Africa Program. Abera leads the agency’s efforts to change the lives of poor and marginalized people in one of the most poverty-stricken and conflict-suffering areas in the world.
Class of 2011


Olabisi (Bisi) Adeleye-Feyemi
Executive Director and co-founder of the African Women's Development Fund, the first Africa-wide fundraising and grant-making organization for African women.
Class of 2003


Sándor Köles
Senior Vice President for Programs and Development at the International Centre for Democratic Transition, an organization that captures Hungarian and Central European knowledge on transitioning to democracy.
Class of 2003


Bharati Chaturvedi
Founder and Director of Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group, focusing on issues of urban poverty, consumption, and sustainable livelihoods for the informal sector in India.
Class of 2008

headshotKS Murthy
Former CEO of Bhavishya Alliance, a multi-sectoral partnership between corporate, government, UNICEF, and local civil-society organizations that is co-creating solutions for reduction of child malnutrition in India.
Class of 2010

Pushpa Aman Singh
CEO of GuideStar India, India’s first fully-searchable online database of nonprofits, advancing transparency, enabling better decision-making, and encouraging charitable giving in Indian civil society.
Class of 2005

Ingrid Srinath
Director of the Centre for Social Impact & Philanthropy at Ashoka University.
Class of 2003

Priya Viswanath
CEO of Charities Aid Foundation India and founder of Catalyst-Social Development Consultants, and has been working with social-development issues in India for more than a decade.
Class of 2005

headshotVanita Viswanath
CEO of Udyogini, an organization providing business development services to poor women in the less economically developed and remote regions of India. Established in 1992, Udyogini works to empower poor women through micro-enterprise development and management focusing on the strategic initiatives of promoting gender-inclusive value chains, market linkages and training in vocational and business skills in 8 less economically developed states of India.
Class of 2013


Ismid Hadad
Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Philanthropy and a founding member of KEHATI, an Indonesian biodiversity foundation.

Class of 2001

Abdi (Yenni) Suryaningati
Deputy Director for Organizational Development and International Relations of Yappika Civil Society Alliance for Democracy in Jakarta.
Class of 2004


headshotRichard Deckelbaum (Israel/USA)
Director of the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University, integrating basic scientific discovery with capacity-building in global health and health education.
Class of 2008


David Smith
Founder and Managing Director of Business and Environment Management Services based in Jamaica.
Class of 2002


headshotDeema W. Bibi
CEO of INJAZ, a member nation of Junior Achievement Worldwide. Ms. Bibi elevated the work scope of INJAZ to new horizons reaching out to all governorates of the Kingdom of Jordan. Her strategic plans and directives enabled INJAZ to develop high impact programs, expanding the programs in order to reach out to more than 120,000 students annually.
Class of 2011


Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo
Executive Director of the African Institute for Health & Development in Kenya, an institution that conducts research, training, and advocacy on health and development issues.
Class of 2008

Janet Mawiyoo
CEO of the Kenya Community Development Foundation, the only public foundation in Kenya.
Class of 2006

Monica Mutuku
Former Secretary of the East Africa Association of Grantmakers, an initiative of a group of trusts and foundations working in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.
Class of 2003

Elkanah Odembo
Before serving as Kenya’s Ambassador to the United States and to France, was at the forefront of promoting civil society and corporate social responsibility in Kenya.
Class of 2003

William Okedi
Leader on health development in Eastern and Southern Africa.
Class of 2004


Jaime Bolaños
Chief Executive of the Oaxaca Community Foundation, working to foster the participation of society in civil affairs and to improve the quality of life of Oaxacan communities.
Class of 2002

Adriana Cortes
Director of the Bajio Community Foundation in Mexico, and has spent much of her professional life developing and strengthening the non-profit community in her native Irapuato.
Class of 2001

Agustín Landa
Vice-President for Development at the Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla, and is one of the founders of the Puebla Community Foundation in Mexico.
Class of 2005

Lorenzo Rosenzweig
Executive Director of the Mexican Nature Conservation Fund, an institution that provides subgrants to conservation projects throughout Mexico.
Class of 2001

Javier Vargas
President of La Liga Iberoamericana de Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil, a civil-society network connected to eighteen countries.
Class of 2000

Karen Yarza Seiber
Director of the Chihuahuan Desert Program of the World Wildlife Fund.
Class of 2006


headshotM’hammed Abbad Andaloussi
President of Al Jisr and works to create a responsible citizen sector, through mobilization the collaboration between businesses, the community, and the government in improving the educational system in Morocco.
Class of 2010


Carlos Fumo
An independent consultant and promotes the emergence of local non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations in various parts of Mozambique.
Class of 2000

Narciso Matos
Executive Director of the Foundation for Community Development (FDC) in Mozambique, a civic organization that seeks to join together the forces of all sectors of society to promote development, democracy, and social justice.
Class of 2009


Len le Roux
Director for Partnerships in Southern Africa at the Synergos Institute. Before joining Synergos, Len was the director of the Rössing Foundation in Windhoek, Namibia.
Class of 2000


headshotSharmila Karki
Founder, President and Executive Chief of Jagaran Nepal, which work to improve human rights, peace, and good governance, especially with issues pertaining to women and children. The major program of Jagaran Nepal is a capacity-building and advocacy program for women involved in politics for governance. She is also Central Secretary General of the NGO Federation of Nepal(NFN) and Women and Inclusion Department Chief.
Class of 2011

headshotLily Thapa
Founder of Women for Human Rights, which brings together Nepalese widows, many of whom were the young wives of men killed in Nepal's eleven-year insurgency, out of isolation and dependency in their husbands' homes and connects them with each other in groups that help build their economic and political strength.
Class of 2011


Babatunde Ahonsi
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Representative in Ghana
Class of 2006


Maryam Bibi
Founder and Chief Executive of Khwendo Kor, which focuses on the development of women, children, and strong families in the remote areas of the Northwest Frontier Province and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan.
Class of 2009

Sadiqa Salahuddin
Executive Director of the Indus Resource Centre, building the capacity of grassroots organizations in Pakistan and implementing a rights-based agenda around service delivery for essential basic needs.
Class of 2008


Marwan Awartani
Secretary-General of the Universal Education Foundation (UEF), an advocacy organization that promotes the holistic development of children as a responsibility of society as a whole.
Class of 2009

Nora Murad
A writer and activist living in Palestine. She was founding executive director of the Dalia Association, a community foundation founded by members of the Palestinian community from the West Bank, including Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, Israel, and the Diaspora.
Class of 2008


Martín Burt
Founding CEO and Chairman of Fundación Paraguaya, a social enterprise that promotes urban and rural entrepreneurship in Paraguay.
Class of 2009


Roberto Calingo
Executive Director of Team Energy Foundation, the corporate-citizenship branch of the largest energy provider in the Philippines.
Class of 2001

Marissa Camacho-Reyes
Class of 2002
Executive Director of Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS), the global network of grantmaker associations and organizations that promotes and supports philanthropy.

Class of 2002

headshotMaria Easterluna Santos Canoy
An experienced NGO manager leading her team in the Kitanglad Integrated NGOs (KIN), a nonprofit organization based in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. KIN is made up of dedicated, passionate and experienced advocates for the environment and is a recognized partner that represents the interests and aspirations of the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) of Mindanao.
Class of 2011

Marilou (Malu) Erni
Executive Director of the Petron Foundation and the chairperson of the League of Corporate Foundations in the Philippines.
Class of 2005

Eugenio (Eugene) Gonzales
An independent consultant providing strategic planning, development, and management services to international NGOs, major donors, and private companies.
Class of 2000

Sandra Libunao
An independent consultant with experience in designing training curricula, leading training sessions, and preparing and consolidating participant evaluations.
Class of 2000

Sixto (Sixdon) Macasaet
Executive Director of the Caucus of Development NGO Networks in the Philippines, which has over 2,000 affiliated civil society organizations nationwide.

Class of 2008

Felicitas (Fely) Rixhon
Executive Director of the Philippine Center for Population and Development.
Class of 2003

Felicidad (Fely) Soledad
the Executive Director of the Philippine Council for NGO Certification, a nonprofit corporation authorized by the Philippine government to certify NGOs for donee-institution status.
Class of 2004

Julio Tan
Executive Director of the Foundation for the Philippine Environment in Quezón City.
Class of 2000

Aurora (Rory) Tolentino
The former Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium, the premier source of information on philanthropy in the region.
Class of 2000


Vadim Samorodov
Program Manager of the Global Fund for Community Foundations, a recently established program of the Worldwide Initiative for Grantmaker Support (WINGS).
Class of 2004

South Africa

Achmat Dangor
A globally renowned leader for social justice and a widely-published author.
Class of 2001

Anne Emmett
Works as an independent consultant affiliated with the Ackerman/Pick n Pay Foundation, and was formerly Executive Director of the Equal Opportunity Foundation in South Africa.
Class of 2000

Beulah Fredericks
Director of the Community Development Foundation-Western Cape, an organization that strengthens relationships and builds partnerships within communities.
Class of 2005

headshotNeville Gabriel
The founding Executive Director of the Southern Africa Trust, an independent regional agency that supports deeper and wider policy engagement between governments and non-state actors to overcome poverty.
Class of 2010

Christa Kuljian
An independent development consultant and writer in Johannesburg, opened and led the Mott Foundation’s program in South Africa.
Class of 2004

Ann Lamont
Director of Convene Venture Philanthropy in South Africa, which focuses on leadership development and systemic change in Africa.
Class of 2005

Teboho Mahuma
CEO for the Impala Bafokeng Trust in South Africa, which aims to contribute to social and economic development in the North-West Province
Class of 2004

Joy Mills-Hackmann
Currently the Foundation Director for Kearsney College in Johannesburg, and was formerly the development manager for the South African Sugar Association.
Class of 2001

Katharine Miszewski
An independment consultant specializing in corporate social investment in South Africa.
Class of 2003

Kgotso Schoeman
A well-known community-development activist in South Africa, and is CEO of the Kagiso Trust.
Class of 2004

Afsaneh Tabrizi
Chief Operating Officer of Shisaka Development Management Services in Johannesburg.
Class of 2004

South Korea

Won Soon Park
Executive Director of the Beautiful Foundation in South Korea, and a winner of the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service.
Class of 2005


Hui-Jung Chi
Chief Executive Officer of The Garden of Hope Foundation in Taiwan and has launched the first anti-child-prostitution social movement in the country.
Class of 2004


Olive Damian Luena
CEO of the Tanzania Gatsby Trust, which focuses on mobilizing and developing the informal sector.
Class of 2006

Janet Mbene
Deputy Minister of Finance of Tanzania and founder of SIA Limited, a private firm promoting poverty reduction through small and medium enterprises.
Class of 2009

headshotJohn Ulanga
Vice President, Policy and Corporate Affairs of BG Tanzania and former Executive Director of the Foundation for Civil Society, a Tanzanian organization that makes grants to support multi-sector efforts to fight poverty.
Class of 2010


Benjamas Siripatra
Director of the Local Development Foundation in Thailand, enhancing the effectiveness of Thai nongovernmental organizations and community-development programs for the poor.
Class of 2001

Sukich Udindu headshotSukich Udindu
Vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Minor Group, one of the largest food, hospitality, and lifestyle businesses in Southeast Asia.
Class of 2002


headshotAyla Göksel
CEO of the Mother Child Education Foundation (ACEV) and Hüsnü Özyeğin Foundation, two pioneering non-profit organizations in Turkey working in the areas of education, women's empowerment, and rural development.
Class of 2010


headshotLuther Bois Anukur
Executive Director of Panos Eastern Africa, a regional information and communication for development agency whose vision is 'an informed, empowered society with improved quality of life, living in peace and harmony' in the East and Great horn of Africa.
Class of 2011

Chebet Maikut
Vice-President of the Eastern Africa Farmers Federation and a senior advisor at the Uganda National Farmers Federation.
Class of 2008

United Kingdom

David Bonbright
founder and Chief Executive of Keystone, an initiative that seeks to influence development practice through a model of civilsociety accountability.
Class of 2003

Steven Burkeman
An independent consultant, writer, and lecturer, was formerly the Secretary of the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust in the United Kingdom.
Class of 2004

Caroline Hartnell
Editor of Alliance, a quarterly magazine that focuses on philanthropy and social investment worldwide.
Class of 2004

Gaynor Humphreys
Executive Director of London Funders, a membership organization working with funders and investors that support London’s voluntary and community organizations.
Class of 2005

Avila Kilmurray
Director of the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, a grant-making organisation that supports community action and influences social-justice policies.
Class of 2006

United States

Emmett Carson
President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation,and has been named by the Nonprofit Times as one of the fifty most influential nonprofit leaders in the United States.
Class of 2001

Nelson Colón
President of the Puerto Rico Community Foundation, the first community foundation created in the Caribbean and Latin America.
Class of 2000

John Davies
As President of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, was at the forefront of the Hurricane Katrina emergency relief efforts in Louisiana.
Class of 2005

Gilda Haas
Executive Director of Strategic Actions for a Just Economy, a popular education organization dedicated to building economic power for working-class people in Los Angeles.
Class of 2008

Etha Henry
Founder and President of the EJH Alliance, providing consulting services in organizational development.
Class of 2002

Peter Hero
A post-graduate-level lecturer and an independent consultant, and led the Community Foundation Silicon Valley for seventeen years.
Class of 2004

Paula Johnson
A Senior Fellow of The Philanthropic Initiative and a Research Fellow of the Global Equity Initiative at Harvard University, leading efforts to understand, strengthen, and support global philanthropy and its impact on global development.
Class of 2006

Joseph (Joe) Lumarda
Currently with the Capital Guardian Group, and was formerly the executive vice-president and chief operating officer of the California Community Foundation.
Class of 2005

Joyce Malombe
Program Officer for Education at ELMA Philanthropies. Formerly, she was a program officer at the Ford Foundation’s International Fellowships Program.
Class of 2001

Juraj Mesik
Senior Community Foundation Specialist in the Social Development Department at the World Bank.
Class of 2001

Jacqueline Novogratz
Founder and CEO of Acumen, a global nonprofit venture fund serving the four billion people living on less than $4 per day.
Class of 2005

Carla Roberts
CEO of the Fremont Area Community Foundation, bringing together donors, nonprofits, beneficiaries, foundation staff, and professional advisors.
Class of 2006

Shannon St. John
A director at Synergos Institute, and was founder and former Executive Director of the Triangle Community Foundation in North Carolina.
Class of 2003


headshotTomaida Banda
The Executive Director of Child Protection Society, an organization that works with vulnerable children and their families in Zimbabwe.
Class of 2010

headshotEmmah Gweshe
Director of the Child Rights and Development Organisation (CRADO), a private voluntary organization that works to promote and protect the rights of children in Zimbabwe. Class of 2011

Inviolatta Moyo
Founder of the Uluntu Foundation and previously served as executive director of the Community Foundation for the Western Region of Zimbabwe, the second community foundation to be created in sub-Saharan Africa.
Class of 2000; Inviolatta passed away in March 2016

The Senior Fellows program is made possible in part thanks to support from Kim Samuel.