Current Senior Fellows

A list of alumni Senior Fellows is also available


headshotTeresa Corção
Working with farmers and chefs to preserve heritage, agriculture, and food quality
Class of 2013

headshotLeonardo Letelier
Multiplying social impact through increasing funding and growth for social enterprises
Class of 2013

headshotAthayde Motta
Executive Director of the Baobá Fund for Racial Equity, a newly-created, Brazilian grantmaking organization which will run its own endowment. Its main goal is to promote racial equity in Brazilian society.
Class of 2012


headshotRadosveta Stamenkova
Training and teaching to improve the health of women and youth
Class of 2013


headshotKeng BunChhoeuth
Sustaining peace and civil society capacity
Class of 2013

headshotSinthay Neb
Advocating for government transparency and government-community dialogue
Class of 2013


headshotAnne-Stella Fomunbod
Promotes human rights, good governance, health and AIDS prevention and socio-economic empowerment of women, widows and orphans.
Class of 2012


headshotJennifer Brennan
Advancing social justice through community empowerment, advocacy and bridging understanding of complex issues between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities throughout Canada and internationally.
Class of 2014


headshotTao Ze

Promoting transparent philanthropy in China
Class of 2014

The Gambia

headshotAmie Joof
Changing media to support gender equity and freedom of speech.
Class of 2013


headshotJürgen Griesbeck
Believes in the power of football for positive social change and that only as a team can we address the most pressing challenges.
Class of 2012


headshotMamta Borgoyary
Translating in practice the inextricable link between health, human rights and poverty
Class of 2013

headshotSumita Ghose
Founder and managing director of Rangsutra, a social enterprise which seeks to bring about socioeconomic development and inclusive growth in rural India by engaging both the community and the market. Rangsutra is owned by over a thousand artisans, most of whom are women.
Class of 2012

headshotPrema Gopalan
Empowering grassroots women as climate change leaders and social entrepreneurs to bring their communities from margin to mainstream
Class of 2014

headshotPushkin Phartiyal
Executive Director of the Central Himalayan Environment Association (CHEA), a pioneer NGO in the Indian Himalayan region that works on the sustainable development of the mountains and mountain people.
Class of 2012; Pushkin passed away in February 2016

headshotAmita Puri
Raising the standard of living of craft workers and creating a favorable policy environment for the crafts sector in India
Class of 2014

headshotAndrea Rodericks
Supporting women’s and community empowerment in India and around the world
Class of 2013


headshotMeitamei Olol-Dapash
Founder and Executive Director of the Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition (MERC) a registered community-based organization in Kenya. MERC is a network of grassroots organizations and activists promoting the rights of the Maasai community and the environment.
Class of 2012

headshotWanja Muguongo
Supporting LGBTI and sex worker organizations across East Africa
Class of 2014


headshotEmanuel Garza Fishburn
Stimulating democratic citizenship, community development, and education
Class of 2013

headshotMónica Tapia
Former director of Synergos Mexico and founder of Alternativas y Capacidades, an organization with the mission of contributing to Mexico’s social development by strengthening civil society organizations, advocacy coalitions, grantmakers and policies for enabling civil society to grow.
Class of 2012


headshotDurga Sob
Advocating for rights of Dalit and women in Nepal
Class of 2014


headshotKazanka Comfort Dada
Delivering integrated rural development with women at its center
Class of 2014

headshotYahaya Hashim
Facilitating participatory development to end marginalization and social exclusion in Nigeria
Class of 2014


headshotBabar Bashir
Working on issues of mental and emotional health, gender, violence against women and children
Class of 2014

headshotAsher Hasan
Providing low-income families in the emerging world with access to affordable, quality healthcare and financial inclusion
Class of 2014


headshotRaul Socrates “Soc” C. Banzuela
His life mission is to contribute meaningfully to the growth and development of a critical mass of empowered and sustainable communities in the Philippines. He serves as the National Coordinator of Pambansang Kilusan ng mga Samahang Magsasaka (PAKISAMA), a national confederation of small farmers, fishers, and rural women federations committed to agrarian reform and rural development.
Class of 2012


headshotJack Sim
Promoting improved toilets and sanitation on a global scale
Class of 2013

South Africa

headshotBrian Whittaker
Created the Vumelana Advisory Fund to structure partnerships between local communities and commercial investors.
Class of 2012

South Sudan

headshotKarak Mayik Denyok Miakol
Sustaining peace and empowering women and youth
Class of 2013


headshotBeatrice Mgaya
Supporting organizations working with the most vulnerable children in Tanzania.
Class of 2014


headshotRehmah Kasule
Founder of CEDA International, which specializes in mentoring, leadership and social entrepreneurship. With the vision of “creating a new generation of women leaders” she empowers girls and women to become economically independent and socially responsible. She runs special income generating programs for women, youth, people living with HIV/AID and rural communities.
Class of 2012


headshotHendrina Chalwe Doroba
Promoting gender equity and quality education in sub-Saharan Africa.
Class of 2014

The Senior Fellows program is made possible in part thanks to support from Kim Samuel.