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Intern (Undergraduate), Global Philanthropists Circle - 2017

The Synergos Institute is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of sustainable systems changes that impact global poverty. Working with partners, Synergos helps leaders, institutions and partnerships work more effectively to reduce poverty and increase equity around the world. During its 25-year history, Synergos has built and supported networks of change makers and supported innovative global partnerships in more than 30 countries and regions. To promote and support these systems-changing collaborations, Synergos’s networks help leaders and leading institutions learn from each other and access the ideas, people and resources that can help them make a greater impact in addressing issues of poverty, equity and social justice.

Founded in 2001 by Synergos Chair Peggy Dulany and her father, David Rockefeller, the Global Philanthropists Circle is a network of about 100 families from more than 25 countries who are committed to using their time, influence and resources to address issues of poor and marginalized communities. The Circle provides opportunities for members to advance their own philanthropic projects by drawing on the advice, experience, relationships, and collaboration of other members. Synergos also provides services in strategic planning and other topics to specific members and their families.

The program seeks an intern with a time commitment of 10-15 hours per week. Interns are welcome to participate broadly in Synergos activities, including all-staff meetings, staff presentations and meetings with external guests.


To provide integral support to the Global Philanthropists Circle by:


Terms of Internship

To Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume with a subject line “Application GPC Intern” to llannon@synergos.org.